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Spotify on PS4 not Working: How to Fix



Spotify not Working on PS4

Spotify not working on PS4 is a common issue that every one of us may face while streaming songs or music tracks. Spotify is one of the popular apps on PS4, and it is also the app that often faces not working errors. There are some solutions to fix the Spotify not working on PS4 error. Try the listed solutions one after the other, which will rectify the errors of the Spotify app from the console.

Spotify On PS4 Not Working

How to Fix Spotify not Working on PS4

[1] Check PSN Server Status to fix Spotify not Working on PS4

[2] Check your internet connection

[3] Restart the Spotify app to fix the not working error on PS4

[4] Restart your PlayStation 4 console

[5] Check if Spotify is playing on another device

[6] Reinstall the Spotify app on PS4

[7] Try another DNS

[8] Factory Reset your PS4 console

[1] Check PSN Server Status to fix Spotify Not Working on PS4

This is the first thing to check when the Spotify app is not working on PS4 is the PSN server. If your PlayStation Network is not up and running, it will be the reason behind the error. It takes a while for the PSN Server to fix and run as usual. You have no other choice but to wait until the server issue is resolved. You can check your PlayStation Network Server Status from the official website.

[2] Check your Internet connection

One of the basic things to check, but which we neglect at times, is the internet connection. If there is no or unstable internet connection, it will be the reason behind Spotify not working on PS4. Restart your network device and check the network status. PS4 requires a minimum of 5 Mbps to function effectively. If the problem is with the network, which you cannot fix, then seek support from the Internet Service Provider.

[3] Restart Spotify App to Fix not Working Error on PS4

[1] Go to the Home screen on your PS4 by pressing the PS button on your controller.

[2] Under the apps section, navigate to the Spotify app. Make sure the app is not opened but highlighted.

[3] Press the Options button on your controller.

Press the options button on controller

[4] Choose Close application and tap OK to confirm the command.

[5] Now, restart the Spotify app on PS4 to check if it is working.

[4] Restart your PS4

This will be the next best solution to try fixing the Spotify not working error. Usually, restarting a system can help resolve some of the minor issues themselves.

[1] Press and hold the PS button until the Power options show up on the screen.

Restart PS4 to fix Spotify not working error

[2] Now select Power Options and choose Restart to restart the PlayStation 4.

Alternatively, you can also press and hold the Power button on your PS4 console till you hear the beep twice. After the restart, check if your Spotify app is working efficiently.

[5] Check if Spotify is Playing on Other Devices

Even if restarting the PS4 cannot fix Spotify not working error, then you must try opening the app on another device. You may use your Smartphone for this purpose since it can connect with your PS4.

[1] Open the Spotify app on SmartphoneAndroid or iOS.

[2] You must have the same Spotify account on your phone as that of your PS4 console.

Connect Spotify from mobile app to PS4

[3] Check whether it is playing on the phone. If yes, then tap the Device button on the phone and select PS4.

[6] Reinstall Spotify App on PS4

[1] Go to the PlayStation 4 home screen and browse for the Spotify app.

[2] Highlight the Spotify app on PS4 and press Options on the controller.

[3] Choose Delete and tap OK to confirm the deletion.

[4] Now, head to PS Store. Search and download the Spotify app.

Reinstall Spotify when not working on PS4

[5] Log in to your account on Spotify and link your account to check if the error is resolved.

[7] Try Another DNS

The next solution to try is to change the Domain Name Server (DNS) on your console. Because whenever the server goes down on your console, it may cause trouble with your apps.

[1] Go to Settings and select Network.

[2] Select Set Up Internet Connection and choose between Use Wi-Fi or Use LAN cable as per what you use.

Spotify On PS4 Not Working

[3] Choose Custom and under IP address settings, select Automatic.

[4] On the next screen, select Do Not Specify.

[5] Under DNS settings, select Manual and enter your Primary DNS. Tap Done.

Try other DNS

[6] In the Secondary DNS, enter your preferred DNS and tap Done.

[7] Tap Next. Under MTU settings, select Automatic.

[8] Next, under Proxy server, choose Do not use.

[9] Finally, check the internet connection from the Test internet connection.

[8] Factory Reset your PS4 Console

The final option is resetting the console. Because when you factory reset your PS4, it will remove all its game, app, and data. So check all the above solutions before you decide to try a factory reset. It is advisable to transfer your important data to another device or on the USB drive before you do a factory reset. The erased data is not accessible again.

[1] Go to the Settings and then select the Initialization tab on it.

Factory reset PS4

[2] Select Initialize PS4 and then click on the Full option.

Thus, the reset of the console will begin. You can also reset the PS4 in Safe Mode when you cannot access the console settings. In case of any doubts with the above guide, then please mention them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] How do I unlink Spotify from PS4?

You can simply log out of your Spotify account on PS4 to unlink it. Otherwise, log in to your PSN account from the PlayStation website and then head to the music section where you can unlink Spotify.

[2] Can I play music on my PS4 without Spotify?

Yes, you can play music on PS4 without Spotify. PS4 can play music files from a USB storage device. You can utilize the options to play music in the background of your PS4 while you indulge in gaming.

[3] Is Spotify compatible with PlayStation?

Yes, Spotify is compatible with PlayStation. PS3, PS4, and PS5 devices are compatible with the Spotify app. However, the other older PlayStation consoles do not support the app.

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