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Spotify on Nintendo Switch: Guide to Play Spotify Music



Will you be able to listen to Spotify on Nintendo Switch? If you are looking for a direct answer, then it is a No. Not only Spotify, but Nintendo Switch also does not have any entertainment apps in it. The switch won’t allow to run an app in the background and also to download in the background. However, Listening to music in the background while gaming is preferred by many people these days. This is possible for people who are into PC gaming. Other gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox have also introduced this feature. They can be stated as a total entertainment hub as one can use them to play games as well as stream music, shows, and movies on them. Though Spotify is not available on Nintendo Switch, there is an alternative way to play Spotify music in the background.

Spotify on Nintendo Switch

Listen to Spotify Music on Nintendo Switch with Spotify Music Converter

The foremost step in playing Spotify music on Nintendo Switch is to choose the perfect Spotify music converter. There are some third-party tools to convert Spotify music into a supported format like MP3. All you need is DRM-free Spotify music to play on Nintendo Switch.

  • AudFree Spotify Music Converter¬†
  • Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter
  • ViWizard Spotify Music Converter
  • Ondesoft Spotify Converter
  • AudFun Spotify Music Converter

[1] Download and get one of these Spotify music converters on your desktop.

[2] Open Spotify on your system.

[3] Drag and drop or copy and paste the playlist or album of your choice to the music converter.

[4] To copy and paste, right-click on the album or playlist and tap copy the link.

[5] Next, choose the audio parameters. In this step, you need to choose the conversion format such as MP3 or AAC, etc. You can also adjust the sample rate, bit rate, etc.

Spotify music converter

[6] Tap the Convert button.

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Play Spotify on Nintendo Switch using microSD

[1] After conversion, copy the converted music files to a microSD card or any external drive that supports Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch SD card slot

[2] Insert the microSD card to Nintendo Switch again.

[3] On your Switch Home menu, select the Nintendo 3DS Sound icon and tap Open.

Tap Nintendo 3DS Sound icon

[4] Choose the Converted file and tap Open.

[5] Now select the song and hit Play to listen to Spotify music in the background on your Nintendo Switch.

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Play Spotify using Google Drive or Google Play

Instead of moving the converted music files to the USB drive, one can also upload Spotify music to Google Play or Google Drive. And the converted music files can be accessed through the hidden browser on Nintendo Switch.

[1] Go to System Settings on Nintendo Switch.

Go to Internet settings on Nintendo Switch

[2] Select Internet and then choose Internet Settings.

[3] Now choose the Wi-Fi connection to enter into the settings page.

[4] Tap Change Settings and then select DNS Settings.

[5] Next, change the DNS setting from Automatic to Manual.

Change DNS settings to manual on Nintendo Switch

[6] After that, select your Primary DNS and set it as

[7] Now select Connect to this Network and tap Next

[8] Click Continue to Google.

Open Google on Nintendo Switch

[9] Navigate to Google Play or Google Drive and sign in to your account.

[10] Play your Spotify playlists from Google Play or Google Drive on Nintendo Switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is the Spotify app available on Nintendo Switch?

No, the Spotify app is not available on Nintendo Switch. Not only Spotify, but the Switch does not support any streaming apps for the sake of entertainment. However, there is an alternative way to listen to Spotify. One can access it on Nintendo Switch through a microSD card, USB drive, or from cloud storage.

[2] Does Nintendo Switch have a browser?

One may think Nintendo Switch does not have a web browser. But it has a secret web browser. It is available under Internet Settings on the System Settings menu.

[3] How much does Spotify cost?

Spotify has a plan for every category. The individual plan costs $9.99/month and the Duo plan costs $12.99/month for two accounts. There is also a Family plan which supports up to six accounts for $15.99/month. Additionally, there is a student plan, which costs $4.99/month.

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