If you are a music lover with PS5, you can install the Spotify app on your console and enjoy music while gaming. Spotify is one of the popular streaming services for music and podcasts. It has a huge library of songs for every genre and for users in every age category. What makes Spotify more likable is its user-friendly interface. The more and more you use the app, the app customizes the song feed to your preference.

Spotify on PS5

In the Spotify app, users can create an unlimited number of Playlists. Also, one access songs easily from the Recently played folder and find Spotify recommendations from the Made for you folder. Spotify is also compatible with most devices, which allows you to listen to it all the time. As a result, you can enjoy music or podcast while traveling, at your gym, or even while gaming on your console.

Spotify Subscription

The great news is that Spotify is available for free. The only drawback in the basic free version of this streaming service is the frequent ad breaks. The premium account is ad-free and additionally supports offline listening. Spotify offers several beneficial subscription plans to cut costs. An Individual account subscription costs $9.99/month. The Duo plan for two accounts costs $12.99/month and the Family plan supporting up to six accounts costs $15.99/month. If you do not have a Spotify account, You can just create one.

[1] Otherwise, visit the Spotify Premium webpage.

[2] To know more about the plans, tap the View Plan button on the screen.

Spotify premium plan

[3] After deciding on your plan, click on Get Started and Log In to your Spotify account.

[4] You can initially start with the Free trial option. The free trial duration is not consistent with Spotify. You may get one week or sometimes one month.

[5] Choose your Payment option and then enter the respective Payment Information.

Choose a payment method

[6] Tap the Start my Spotify Premium button to complete the subscription. The premium subscription can be canceled at any time.

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How to Install Spotify on PS5

[1] Turn on your PS5 and connect to the internet.

[2] Head to the Media page on your console and select All Apps.

Spotify under All Apps on PS5

[3] Under All Apps, select Spotify app.

[4] Click the Download button to get the Spotify app on your PlayStation 5.

[5] After the download process, Launch the Spotify app on PS5.

[6] Sign in with your Spotify Account credentials and select the Link account option.

[8] Tap the Agree button to link your account.

Click Agree

[9] Finally, you will be able to enjoy streaming your favorite music and podcasts on PS5.

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Stream Spotify While Gaming on PlayStation 5

The new PS5 has got a specific Spotify button on its remote controller, from which you can open the app directly. The alternative method to play Spotify music is:

Spotify button on PS5 remote

[1] Press the PS button on your controller to listen to music while playing on PlayStation 5.

[2] As a result, the Control center opens up.

[3] Choose Music from the control center.

Choose Music on control center

[4] Open Spotify and play the music or podcast of your choice.

[5] Press the PS button on your controller again to return to the game.

[6] The playing track will be displayed on the Control Center.

Play music while gaming

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] What to do when Spotify not working on PS5?

This may be due to a connectivity issue or a technical glitch. You can restart the PS5 device or check the internet connection.

[2] How to unlink Spotify from PlayStation Network?

To unlink your PSN account from Spotify, you need to contact Sony customer support. Provide your username to the customer support and they will help you to unlink.

[3] Can I manage Spotify music on PS5 from my phone?

Yes, if you have the Spotify app on your mobile as well as on your PS5, you can manage your playback. To do this, you need to set up Spotify Connect on your smartphone to PS5 and then control your playback from the phone.