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How to Get Spotify on Xbox 360: Streaming Solutions



Spotify on Xbox 360

Do you wish to stream Spotify on your Xbox 360? Though Spotify is a renowned digital music streaming service, unfortunately, it is not available on the Xbox 360. Music apps like Vevo, Groove Music, iHeartRadio, and much more are compatible with Xbox 360. But Spotify app is compatible only with Xbox One, Xbox series S, and Xbox series X. If you already own an Xbox 360 console, then there are some solutions for you to stream the Spotify music service on it. Let us see the possibilities of streaming Spotify on Xbox 360 in this article.

Spotify on Xbox 360

Subscription Plans

Spotify is available for free and the only drawback in the free version is ad breaks. The premium account is ad-free and supports offline listening. It has different subscription plans, to choose from as per the user’s need. An individual account subscription costs $9.99/month. The Duo plan for two accounts costs $12.99/month and the Family plan supporting up to six accounts costs $15.99/month. Additionally, students can have a special plan on Spotify, which costs $4.99/per month.

How to Listen to Spotify Music on Xbox 360

To listen to Spotify music on Xbox 360, you need a USB drive and a professional Spotify to mp3 converter. With Spotify to mp3 converter, you can download Spotify songs to mp3 and some other music formats. Another option to stream Spotify on Xbox 360 is to use the Jamcast platform, which is free software. Let us check some of the best Spotify to mp3 converters first.

[1] TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (Windows, Mac)

[2] Sidify Music Converter (Windows, Mac)

[3] Ondesoft Spotify Converter (Windows, Mac)

[4] NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter (Windows)

[5] TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter (Windows, Mac)

How to Convert Spotify Tracks into Mp3

Step 1: Choose the Spotify music converter of your choice and download it. Install and then, Run the software on your PC.

Step 2: When the convertor software is successfully running on your PC, it is time to add the files from Spotify for conversion. You must add the files manually and this can be done in one of the following methods.

Install Spotify music convertor software on PC

[1] Drag & drop

[2] Copy & Paste the Spotify music URL. Right-click on the song or album or playlist and choose Share > Copy Link.

Copy the Spotify song  link

Each and every track selection gets added to the interface and it will be checked. In order to remove any song, uncheck it. When you are all set, tap the Add button at the bottom to Import.

Step 3: Here you are allowed to change the output parameters like the file format, bitrate, output folder, etc. Under Advanced options, you can choose the file format as mp3. Mostly it will be the default one. If you wish you may make other changes. And from General options, make changes to the Output folder as per your preference.

Convert the Spotify track into mp3

Step 4: Click on the Convert button to transfer the Spotify tracks into mp3.

Spotify music convertor for Xbox 360

Step 5: Finally it is time to transfer the mp3 files to the USB drive. Insert the USB into your PC and move the mp3 files to it.

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How to Play Spotify Tracks on Xbox 360

When your favorite Spotify playlist is converted and readily available on a USB drive, it takes only a few steps to play them on Xbox 360.

Spotify on Xbox 360

[1] Insert the USB drive into the USB port on your Xbox 360 console.

[2] Press and hold the Guide button on your controller.

[3] Navigate to Media and then select Music Player.

[4] Select the Portable device option.

[5] Now Play your favorite music in the background, while you engage in the game.

How to Stream Spotify on Xbox 360 using Jamcast

Jamcast software allows users with an existing home Internet connection to set up a private cloud for sharing digital music. Using this software, you can listen to your Spotify songs on Xbox 360 console.

Jamcast to play Spotify on Xbox 360

[1] Download, install and run the Jamcast software on your PC.

[2] Navigate to the Devices tab on the Jamcast software and then check if your Xbox 360 is showing up. Make sure to connect both your console and PC to the same network initially. If your console is under the devices tab, then it indicates compatibility.

[3] Turn on your console and then choose the Music option.

[4] Select Jamcast from the list of connected devices on your console.

[5] Next, select the Playlists and Virtual Soundcard option.

[6] Finally, click Play and listen to Spotify music from your PC. It will automatically play the audio on your console as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can you transfer music from Xbox 360 to USB?

No, you cannot transfer music from Xbox 360 to USB or any external device.

[2] Can you play Spotify on Xbox 360 while playing a game?

Yes, users can play music on Xbox 360 while playing a game. To experience it better you may turn off the in-game music.

[3] Can you download MP3 from Spotify?

No, Spotify does not allow users to download the mp3 format of songs from their platform. However one may download the music to listen offline with a subscription.

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