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How to Update PlayStation 5 [PS5]



How to Update PlayStation 5

Just like other gaming consoles, PS5 also needs a software update for better performance. To get the maximum efficiency of your PS5, update it whenever a new one releases. The software update is just as important as updating the games and apps on a console. In fact, sometimes, to get the additional features updated on games and apps, updating the system software is mandatory. Apart from performance, updates can enhance security. The OS update on PlayStation 5 may vary slightly from the previous models. The PS5 console was released in November 2020 and if you already own one of it, read further to learn how to update PlayStation 5.

How to update PS5

How to Enable Automatic Update on PlayStation 5

[1] Power On PS5 and navigate to Settings.

[2] Choose System, followed by System Software.

[3] Now, select System Software Update and Settings.

Automatic update on PS5

[4] Under this menu, enable Download Update Files Automatically and Install Update Files Automatically options.

How to Update PS5 Manually Using Internet

[1] Turn On your PS5 and go to Settings.

[2] Select System and choose System Software.

[3] Under System Software, select System Software Update and Settings.

Update PlayStation 5 using internet

[4] Tap Update System Software and finally choose Update Using Internet.

[5] If your PS5 software is already in its latest version, the download will not begin. Otherwise, your console will begin its update immediately.

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Update PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode Using Internet

[1] First, Start your PS5 in Safe Mode.

[2] Long press the Power button on your console until the power indicator Turns off completely. It takes up to three seconds to turn off.

Hold the Power button to start in Soft mode

[3] Again press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps. This takes seven seconds and your console will Turn on now.

[4] Connect your Controller using a USB cable and press the PS button to start with Safe Mode.

[5] When your console is in Safe mode, you get a few options, which include Update System Software.

Update PlayStation 5 system in Safe mode

[6] Tap Update system software and choose Update PS5 software using the internet.

Update PS5 from USB Storage

[1] For this method, you will need a USB Drive that is formatted as FAT32.

[2] Download the update file on your PC and then Save it on the PS5 Update folder on the USB Drive.

[3] Make sure you save the file as PS5UPDATE.PUP on the USB Drive.

[4] Plugin the USB Drive into your PS5 console and head to Settings on your PS5.

Plug in the USB drive on your console

[5] Select System under settings and then select System Software.

[6] Choose System Software Update and Settings.

[7] Click Update System Software and choose Update from USB Storage Device.

[8] Tap OK and the update will begin on PS5.

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How to Update from USB Storage in Safe Mode

This method is almost similar to the one above- Update from USB Storage.

[1] Follow the same procedure till you save the update file on USB Drive.

[2] Now Start your PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode.

[3] Connect your Controller to PS5 using the USB cable.

[4] Under the Safe Mode option, choose Update System Software.

Update PlayStation 5 from USB drive in safe mode

[5] Select Update from USB Storage Device and finally tap OK.

For any help, seek the official PlayStation Support website.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can I enable automatic updates on PlayStation 5?

Yes, the automatic software update option is available on PS5. This option is available under System Software Update and Settings in the Settings menu. Simply enable the Download Update Files Automatically and Install Update Files Automatically options.

[2] How to update PlayStation in Safe Mode?

To update in safe mode, Press and hold the power button on your console till it turns off completely. Again press and hold the power button for 7 seconds and the console will turn on after beeping twice. Connect your controller via USB cable to the console and then press the PS button to start your PlayStation in safe mode. Under the Safe mode, options choose Update system software.

[3] When should I opt for an update via the USB storage option?

When you do not have an internet connection to your console or when the update using the internet option is not working, then you choose to update using the USB Drive option.

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