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How to Fix Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On



Xbox One Controller Won't Turn On

The Xbox One controller is used to control your console and the game. When you play with the controller, you feel the game in your hands other than with the keyboard and mouse. You can use both wired and wireless controllers to play the game. There are many reasons for the Xbox One controller not working, like batteries and battery contacts. You can read this guide completely to know how to fix it if the controller won’t turn on.

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On

The Xbox One Controller won’t turn ON problem has to be analyzed for the cause. It can be resolved with the most evident fixes.

1. Check your Controller Batteries

If you are not able to turn on your controller, first check the battery is not fully drained. If you have inserted the new battery recently, then remove the back cover of the controller and check the batteries are inserted in the correct position. In case there is no battery power, then you have to charge your Xbox One Controller.

remove the back cover to check the Xbox one controller battery

2. Check your Controller Battery Contact

Many electronic devices use the spring as their battery contact. Unlike the other electronic devices, the controller has metal tabs as the battery contacts. When you insert the battery into the controller, there are possibilities to bend the metal tabs. So you need to bend it back using a screwdriver or a pry tool. But before you bend back the metal tab, make sure the battery is not inside the controller.

check the battery contact

3. Try Using the Controller on Another Device

If you don’t find any problem with your controller, try using it on a different console. If your controller is working, then the problem is with your console. You can also check whether your Xbox One is not turning on.

4. Try Using a USB Cable

Connect the controller to the console using the USB cable directly. Because sometimes, your Wi-Fi controller won’t turn on with the pre-installed batteries. If you can connect with the USB cable, you can get a long USB or Micro cable. But if you are not connected, there may have an internal fault. You need to give your device for service.

Connect your controller with USB cable if it won't turn on

5. Update the Firmware of your Controller

Your controller needs to be updated to work without issues. So make sure you use the latest firmware on your controller. You could update the Controller by accessing the Firmware section in the Settings.

update the Firmware

6. Reset the Xbox One Controller

The last option that could save the Controller from not turning on is Reset. The Reset of the Controller is a quite simple process, and you can do it in lesser time. After reset, you can able to turn on the Controller instantly.

You can also check whether there is any drift problem in the Controller. If you are not able to fix the problem, you need to contact the Microsoft Xbox team and explain your issue to solve the problem. In case of any issues with the above procedure, then please mention them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the Xbox One controller won’t turn on with new batteries?

If your Xbox One controller is not working with the new batteries, you can try to connect your controller with a USB cable to check if it is working.

How to fix Xbox One wired controller that won’t turn on?

If your Xbox One word controller is not turning on, make sure your controller firmware is up-to-date. In not update the firmware of your controller.

How to turn off Vibration on Xbox One Controller?

You can go to the Profile & System on the Xbox One and then Settings > Accessibility > Controller > Vibration Settings and turn off the Vibration in the Xbox One Controller.

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