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4 Tips on How to Sit Correctly and Avoid Injuries



How to Sit Correctly

You might be sitting there laughing reading the title of this article, but in fact, many people do not sit properly in their chairs at work or at home. One day of improper sitting won’t make a major difference in your life and your health, but days, months, or even years of improper sitting can result in some major issues to your back. What are some of these issues?

The most important ones that we want to talk about briefly are issues with your spine and posture. Most people when sitting down looking at a screen lean their necks forward and as a result form a hunch. This can easily be fixed if a person works to correct it early, however, it can escalate and cause future problems if not addressed. Severe upper spinal issues can result in chronic back pain and early death as a result. You might not be laughing anymore after reading that.

Fortunately, you can solve all of this by taking the time to learn how to sit properly. By doing so, you can reverse some of these issues and get yourself back on the path towards good health. Here are several tips on how to sit correctly and avoid injuries.

Sit in the Back of the Chair

The first mistake many people make when it comes to sitting in a chair is that they don’t sit in the back of it. It’s tempting to lean forward in a chair to see your monitor or even slouch a little, but you should be sitting as far back as possible in the chair. When it comes to talking body parts, your buttocks should be the thing that is right against the back of it. If you are having trouble doing so, you might want to look into replacing your current chair with an ergonomic one.

Whenever you are buying a new chair, you are going to want to take a look at several and see what is best for you on the market. From there, you can do some ergonomic chair comparisons and see which ones that you like the most. After that, simply purchase your chair and set it up in your office space. You should now be able to comfortably sit in the back of the chair properly and get your work done. This is a fairly simple thing to fix and it will help solve a lot of future health problems.

90 Degree Angles

The next thing that you should be looking for is 90-degree angles in both your knees and your arms. When you are sitting down, the best position for your body is one where your knees form a 90-degree angle with the ground. Try not to cross your legs either in this position and keep them firmly planted. If your knees are touching the top of your table, it is a sign that you either have to lower your chair, raise your table, or simply get a new table.

When it comes to the arms, they should be operating at 90 degrees from your shoulders. Your bicep area should not be leaning forwards too much and your lower arm area should move straight from your elbow to the keyboard. If there is any change in elevation here, you should be adjusting the height of your armrests. If you employ this method properly, you are going to find that you are much more comfortable while sitting and you will even type and work a lot faster.

How to Sit Correctly

Bring Your Work to You Not Vice Versa

Another issue people make when sitting is that they lean into their computer monitor while working. To avoid this, simply move your computer monitor closer to you so you can work. This does not mean bring it right up to your face as you still need to ensure things are a healthy distance apart, but it does mean finding that nice balance. This is how you can fix a lot of issues in the neck.

Avoid Slouching

Finally, you want to avoid slouching as much as possible. It is rather comfortable to do, but it is one of the worst things when it comes to spinal health. To prevent this, simply pretend to stand up tall in your chair. It will help elongate your spine and keep things from compressing and curving. If it isn’t comfortable at first, it simply is because you haven’t gotten used to it.

These are all ways in which you can improve the way you are sitting and reduce injuries. It might take some time to get used to these habits, but after a few weeks, you’ll be sitting like a pro and having great spinal health.

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