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5 Must-Have Features of a Successful Mobile App



Features of Successful Mobile App

With the technology increasing every day, tons of mobile applications releasing every day. However, only a few of them manages to attract the user. As a developer, it is essential to make apps that satisfy the customer’s needs. You can use a custom mobile application development firm to make trustworthy apps. Before that, one must understand the five must-have features to develop a successful mobile app.


High-value mobile applications and your digital identity are protected from fraud in all its manifestations through the discipline of mobile app security. This covers interference such as keylogging, malware, reverse engineering, tampering, and other types of manipulation or any interference. Mainly, Security is used for identity verification, stopping phishing activity, and mitigating fraud.

Features of Successful Mobile App

Security has always been a major concern for mobile apps. People around the world will choose the apps based on the proper security protections like enforcing strong authentication, encrypting mobile communications, protecting from system vulnerabilities, preventing data leaks, optimizing data caches, and many more. Before downloading the apps, check if it is risk-free and safe to use on your mobile phone.


Accessibility or web accessibility is the concept of whether the mobile app and its features can be used by everyone. Thus the websites, tools, services, and technologies are developed to use easily without any complications. The main goal of mobile apps is that they should be accessible to each and every one. If you have found any restrictions or disabilities, then the app is not suitable.

Your mobile software will reach the largest audience possible, and your odds of accessibility issues will be reduced by prioritizing accessibility and litigation. Apps must be published by the WAI ( Web Accessibility Initiative), W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium), WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and many more standards. The accessibility features and functionalities of each platform must be thoroughly understood by App developers.

Customer Fidelity

Customer fidelity indicates the loyalty points of mobile apps. Customer fidelity is referred to as the bond between your brand and the customers over time that facilitates engagement and repeats business. Developing customer fidelity takes time, and it isn’t easy to create. To improve customer loyalty, the developer should increase the security, accessibility, features, service, design, product, and technology.

There are two things to keep in mind to grow customer fidelity. The first one is to make the app easy to use, and the second one is to avoid inundating users with irrelevant offers and content by making sure that everything you send is customized for them.

Battery Preservation

Most of the apps will drain the battery on your mobile phone and which leads to short battery performance and life. Though, there are some apps that are user-friendly and robust to use on your smartphone. In the last few years, the usage of mobile devices has increased, as also the usage of mobile applications. The important thing about developing the mobile app is to optimize the battery life of the device. Therefore the developer must create an application that uses less battery in order to prevent negative reviews and build a positive reputation in the eyes of users.


Yet another essential feature of a successful mobile app is Speed. Nowadays, people don’t wait for anything. If your mobile app is slow and clumsy, users will immediately switch to another best app. Seventy percent of users switch to other apps due to lagging load times. Smartphone users will expect the app to remove a number of obstacles that have been preventing the website from rendering and also its load time.

One successful app totally depends on its performance. To increase the mobile app speed, you need to choose the right server and use caching, go for the content delivery network, content optimization, reduce the number of ads and analytics, etc.

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