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6 Things Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Vehicle



Things Truck Driver Should Have

There is no doubt that driving a truck is not an easy job. It takes a lot of skill and experience to maneuver these large vehicles through busy city streets and onto the open road. However, with all the challenges that come with the job, there are also a number of benefits that make it worth the effort. That said, it’s important that each driver takes steps to ensure the safety and security of both themselves and their cargo. Here are six things that every truck driver should have in their vehicle to help them stay safe on the road.

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1. A Dash Cam

One of the most essential pieces of equipment for any truck driver is a dashcam. There are two main reasons why these are essential for every truck. First, using dash cams for fleet management is the best way to ensure that your drivers are adhering to safety protocols and not engaging in risky behavior. Additionally, dash cams can be extremely helpful in the event of an accident. They can provide valuable footage that can be used to determine what happened and who is at fault, and they can also be used to catch careless drivers who cut trucks off or engage in other risky behavior. Obviously, this can go a long way when it comes to proving liability and establishing who needs to pay for the damages if either party wants to take matters to court.

2. A First Aid Kit

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Even though you are an experienced driver and you know how to avoid accidents, they may happen under certain circumstances. That’s why it’s important to have a first aid kit in your truck at all times. This will allow you to provide basic medical attention to yourself or your passengers in the event of an accident or other emergency. While most first aid kits will do in a pinch, it’s worth putting together a specific kit for truck drivers that includes items like a neck collar, gauze, a splint, and trauma shears. These items will come in handy if you’re ever in an accident and need to provide quick medical attention before help arrives. Of course, a first aid kit is no substitute for a professional medical team, but it can mean the difference between life and death in some situations.

3. A Fire Extinguisher

Fires are one of the most common hazards that truck drivers face. Whether it’s a mechanical fire on the truck itself or a roadside blaze, having a fire extinguisher on hand is always a good idea. It’s important to choose an extinguisher that is rated for Class A, B, and C fires, as this will ensure that it can be used on all types of fires. Additionally, make sure that the extinguisher is easily accessible so that you can grab it quickly in the event of an emergency. In general, it’s a good idea to keep it within arm’s reach of the driver’s seat.

4. A GPS

A GPS system is essential for any driver, but it’s especially important for truck drivers. This is because many truck routes take drivers through rural areas where street signs are few and far between. Plus they might have to make multiple stops along the way, and they don’t have time to spend planning out a route for each one of those. Having a GPS system in your truck will help you stay on course and avoid getting lost, which is especially important if you’re carrying valuable or time-sensitive cargo. Not to mention, it can also help you avoid getting stuck in traffic or taking a wrong turn and ending up on a dead-end road.

5. A CB Radio

CB radios are another essential piece of equipment for any truck driver. Not only do they allow you to communicate with other drivers, but they can also be used to get information about traffic, weather, and road conditions. They can also be used to request help in the event of an accident or other emergency. While CB radios are not as commonly used as they once were, they are still an important tool for truck drivers, and every truck should have one. If your fleet is moving away from CB radios, then it’s important that you’ve established another reliable way of communication for your drivers so that they can still get the information they need.

6. Spare Tire & Tools

Flat tires are one of the most common problems that truck drivers face. And while changing a tire might seem like a simple task, it can be difficult to do if you don’t have the right tools or if you’re in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to have a spare tire and a set of tools in your truck at all times. This way, if you do get a flat, you can change it quickly and be on your way. It’s also a good idea to keep a set of jumper cables in your truck so that you can give another driver a jump start if their battery dies. Apart from that, a jack, a lug wrench, and a set of pliers are always handy to have around, and they can be used for other small repairs as well, not just changing tires.

These are just a few of the essential items that every truck driver should have in their vehicle. While this list is not exhaustive, it does cover some of the most important items that will help you stay safe and prepared on the road. So make sure that you have all of these items in your trunk before you hit the road.

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