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5 Apps for Car interacting to enjoy the Driving experience



Apps for Car interacting

The smartphone has become a necessity in our lives and so are the apps. No matter if we are booking a cab, ordering food, or scrolling a social media, there are multiple apps available in Google Play and Apple iStore. You can download any app according to your needs and it’s just a few seconds.

If we talk about driver-friendly apps there are multiple apps available now to make your trip more convenient. For now, almost every car incorporates Apple car play and Android auto to increase infotainment purposes. You can install anything you want according to your choice like advanced music apps or apps for audiobooks, etc.

Using your phones while driving is not a great idea. In countries like Dubai, you may get a fine of thousands of AED for this crime. But, there are few interacting apps that are genuinely best to use while driving.

In this blog, we are going to mention a few apps that you can use to make your trip more exciting. No matter if you are using your personal car or a rental one, you can use these apps in your car. Moreover, you can contact any professional Rent a Car company to book the latest luxury car for your Dubai vacations.

Apps for Car interacting

Top 5 Car interacting Apps to enjoy the Driving experience

Android Auto

You can install android auto in your car as it is one of the most essential driving apps. You can pop this app on your phone and then put it on the mount to enjoy an android auto-enabled car. You can easily manage all your media while driving easily. It allows you to navigate easily, or you watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. It is free to use and available for android and we hope that it will get better updates with time. 


It is also one of the best driving apps as it makes things easier for you while driving. You can use it easily as it responds to voice commands. Along with that, it also has support for Google Maps, Waze, multiple music apps, messaging apps, and much more. You can even integrate Google Assistant with that and provide certain commands. The best thing about this app is that it can even read texts for you and you don’t need to use your phone for reading and responding to text messages. You can use it free or unlock its additional features; it just costs 4$. 


The Waze app is available for both Android and iOS users and is a well-reputed app if we talk about advanced navigation features. It doesn’t only help in navigation but also offers effective route planning features. You can use this app to find out if your way to your destination is crowded or not. In addition to that, you can check speed cameras and accidents. With this app, you are aware of what’s going on around you and plan your trip according to the route’s traffic. It is really annoying to get stuck in the traffic, you install this amazing app to get rid of unwanted delays. 


Navigation apps are going to help with your routes but what about parking? You need to know about the parking area of the place where you are traveling. This amazing app will help you to choose the best and suitable area for you to park your car. Parkopedia provides more than 70 million parking areas in around 15k cities.


Who doesn’t like the idea of listening to music while driving? Of Course, it is one of the best ways to kill time while listening to some quality music. You can install Spotify or Sound cloud as they contain millions of songs for both android and iOS. You can use the free app but it won’t offer a song shuffling feature. But, if you want to get a premium membership it will cost you around 10$ a month and you can play and download your favorite songs. With premium memberships, you can even create your own playlists. 

Final thoughts

Here we wrap up our list of the top 5 interacting apps to enjoy the Driving experience. You should use these apps as they are convenient to use and helps to make your trip more comfortable. Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap car rental in Dubai, then you should opt-in for RentalCarsUAE. It is one of the best companies to book a car online at quite a reasonable price. You can hire a luxury or economical car according to your budget for as long as you want. They will deliver your car at your desired location without any pick-up and drop-off fee.

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