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Begin Your IT Career Journey with Microsoft 70-461 Exam and Practice Tests



Microsoft 70-461

Successful businesses understand how critical SQL database developers, engineers, or administrators are. This is because having a database management system that is efficient will count towards their desired success. And this is what these specialists ensure. Therefore, getting the right people to fill these roles is important. To fit any of them, you need specific training, to pass the necessary exams, and to acquire the right credential. So, if you want to work with SQL Server and enormously advance your IT career, then the Microsoft Practice Test Questions is one of those you need to go through.

This blog will guide you through the journey of becoming a successful professional in the world of database management or development. And we begin with giving you this test main attributes.

Microsoft 70-461

Exam Microsoft 70-461: Important Features

This exam is essential for validating your skills for querying the 2012/2014 Microsoft SQL Server. It targets you if you aspire to be a database administrator, developer, or engineer. To be a success in your role, you need a rigorous comprehension of topics like the creation of database objects, data implementation, and data modification. Troubleshooting and optimization of data are other technical topics to learn.

Once you pass ExamSnap Microsoft 70-461 and the other two obligatory exams, you will be issued the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 credential. The two more assessments, which also have topics you need to go through to attain that Microsoft badge, are exams 70-462 and 70-463 by code.

The process of attaining the MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014 credential starts with preparing for the 70-461 test expected to bear 40-60 questions, with 120 minutes to read and answer them. Formats like build lists, short answer, best answer, multiple-choice, active screen, review screen, and others might be there in your 70-461 exam. You will be allowed to move to the second accreditation once you attain 700 marks and more. Sitting for the Microsoft 70-461 will cost you $165.

The database roles this exam prepares you for will count towards your IT career success. Perhaps, a look at these roles will drive this point home. Let’s see what each of the roles mentioned is all about.

Test 70-461 Job Roles and Responsibilities

The three roles connected to the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 are available to you once you have demonstrated your readiness by qualifying in the related exams. They are the database administrator, database developer, and database engineer. Below are the details of these roles as well as the associated salaries:

Database administrator

As a database administrator, your work requires you to ensure the availability of data, prevent loss of data, and make sure it is accessible whenever it is required. Your responsibilities will include installing and maintaining software, extracting, transforming and loading data, specialized handling of data, and backing up and recovering data.

Other tasks you will be undertaking after passing the three tests including 70-461 are ensuring data security and authentication, capacity planning, performance monitoring, database tuning, and troubleshooting. Specialists with Microsoft SQL Server skills who perform these tasks, as PayScale reports, qualify for average yearly compensation of $77,723.

Microsoft 70-461

Database developer

The SQL Server 2012/2014 database developer role requires you to have sharp skills so that you can efficiently perform your responsibilities. You should be able to design database tables as well as structures, create views, functions as well as stored procedures, write optimized queries for SQL to help in integrating other applications, and create database triggers for automation purposes.

You should also be skilled in data quality maintenance as well as in overseeing security for databases. With your SQL Server developer skills, PayScale estimates your average pay at $73,569 yearly.

Database engineer

The database engineer role includes responsibilities like SQL development, creating and maintaining advanced SQL scripts, enhancing advanced database models, troubleshooting and performance optimization, and database administration. One will also be responsible for maintaining the transactional processing of database applications as well as data warehouse maintenance and supporting app development staff in designing and implementing databases.

Other tasks include managing all software development stages, and ensuring compliance efforts during reporting, auditing as well as implementation. PayScale says database engineers having Microsoft SQL Server skills earn an average of $82,166 annually.

Getting to be in any of these three roles is a process. Most of those who have taken the Microsoft exams leading to the roles have found these tests rather tough. That is why you should find ways of attaining sufficient knowledge as well as experience. Ample preparation is all you need. This includes studying with the preparation of resources from websites such as

Microsoft 70-461 Mock Tests: Everything You Need to Know

To work as a database administrator, developer, or engineer, one has to consider employing the right techniques. Employers demand to see your MCSA badge in SQL Server 2012/2014 for them to believe that you are a capable and keen employee. So, to pass assessment 70-461 and be on the right track, you need to utilize the updated practice tests provided by Once you check this platform, you’ll immediately get access to free & actual 70-461 vce files that are uploaded by the recent exam-takers. However, to spice up your prep process you are recommended to opt for the high-quality Premium Bundle ($39,97) for exam 70-461 that is comprised of three preparatory items like an expert-validated mock test, a training course of video lectures, and an extensive study guide. In addition, you’ll use the VCE Player designed by Avanset to help you open the mocks from and make your work with them comfortable.


Success in your IT career role will be determined by how committed you are to the whole path. Show your dedication from the start bypassing the Microsoft exam 70-461. Proper achievement in this step will encourage you to go through the remaining two tests. Arm yourself by going for extensive knowledge availed by those free & updated practice tests from and this will make you hold the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 credential in your hand. Your career demands the best. Remember it.

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