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Best Ways to Change Tinder Location to Get More Matches



how to change location on Tinder

Are you an introvert who is searching for a perfect match to date from your nearby location? then Tinder is the one for you. If you are moving to another country or can’t find a perfect match from your nearby location, then changing the location on Tinder might help you to get more matches. We’ve analyzed that changing the location in the Tinder platform will boost the profile, and you will have a chance of up to 25% to increase your match-making. After analyzing all the possibilities, we’ve curated the best methods to change your location on the Tinder platform.

How to Change Tinder location using Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is a reliable way to change the location. If you are a Tinder Plus or Gold subscriber, you can use the Tinder Passport feature to change the geographic location to anywhere in the world.

Note: You can subscribe to the Tinder premium on the official website. Tinder also allows you to cancel the subscription anytime.

[1] Launch the Tinder app on your smartphone [Android/iPhone] and tap the Profile icon.

[2] Navigate to Settings.

[3] After that, click Sliding (Android) or Location (iOS).

[4] Finally, select Add a New Location and choose a location of your choice to change the location.

Click Add a New Location

How to Change Your Tinder Location for Free [Third-Party Apps]

If you aren’t a Tinder Plus or Gold subscriber, you can make use of some third-party applications to fake the location of your device. By changing the device location, you can easily change the location on Tinder.

iTools [iOS]

iOS is more secure and doesn’t allow any third-party application to take control of the system unless jailbreaking. Fortunately, you don’t have to proceed with any jailbreaking for using iTools. This application is basically a fake location for Pokemon GO, but you can also use this tool to change the GPS location on your iOS device, thereby changing the location on Tinder.

How to change loation on Tinder using iTools

Here’s the procedure to change the Tinder location on your iOS device using iTools:

[1] Connect your iOS device and PC using a USB-A to lightning cable and grant permission.

[2] After that, install the iTools application for free on your desktop by visiting its official website.

[3] Once installed, launch the iTools application and select the Toolbox tab at the top.

[4] Under Toolbox, select the Virtual Location Tool option and choose your desired location to spoof the location on your iPhone.

[5] That’s it. You have successfully changed the location on Tinder.

Select Toolbox and choose Virtual Location

Fake GPS 360 [Android]

When it comes to Android, you can install numerous third-party applications to fake your location. You can directly install the Fake GPS 360 app directly from the Play Store without any sideloading.

Fake GPS 360 to change location on Tinder

[1] Unlock your Android device and install Fake GPS 360 from Play Store.

[2] After installing, you should enable Developer Mode on your Android device to use Fake GPS 360 reliably.

[3] Now, Navigate to your device’s Settings and navigate to Software Information.

[4] Then, tap the Built-in number 7 times.

[5] You’ll get a notification that the “Developer mode has been turned on.”

[6] After that, navigate to the Developer Mode options and enable the feature.

Enable Developer Mode

[7] Finally, open the Fake GPS 360 app and follow the on-screen instructions to change the global location on your Android device. Now, your location on Tinder will be automatically changed.

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How to Fake Your Location on Tinder by Changing the Facebook Location

Fortunately, if you logged in to your Tinder account via Facebook, the location-changing process is quite simple. Just change the location on your Facebook account to change the Tinder location.

[1] Launch the Facebook app and navigate to your profile page.

[2] From there, click your Profile photo at the top right corner.

[3] After that, navigate to the About Me section to proceed further.

[4] Now, click Edit Current City and input your desired location under the Current City field.

Edit city to change Tinder location

[5] After modifying all the changes, hit Save to change the location on your Facebook account, which is being carried to your Tinder account.

How to Spoof Your Location on Tinder using VPN

Are you wondering whether it is possible to change the Tinder location using VPN services? The answer is Yes! Using a reliable VPN service, you can change the Tinder location and able to find your perfect match with ease.

Besides changing the current location, a good VPN will provide you to access it safely and securely. Moreover, you can also enable VPNs to bypass the geo-restrictions and find a match anywhere in the world.

We recommend you use any one of the best VPNs mentioned below to experience seamless matching-making on Tinder.

ExpressVPN* 3000+ servers available in 94 countries.
* 5 Simultaneous Connection
1 Month – $12.95/month
12 Months Plan – $6.67/month
6 Months Plan – $9.99/month
NordVPN* 5300+ servers available in 59 countries.
* 6 Simultaneous Connection
Standard – $11.99/month
Plus – $12.99/month
Complete – $14.29/month

How to Change Your Tinder Location by Modifying the IP Address

Modifying your IP address is another way to change your Tinder location. You can manually navigate to the device’s settings to change the location of your device with ease.

Changing IP Address on iPhone

[1] Unlock your iPhone/iPad and navigate to the Settings application.

[2] Select Wi-Fi and choose your network from the available connections.

[3] Under the IPv4 Address tab, click Configure IP.

Select Configure IP

[4] Switch to Manual and enter your new IP address.

Changing IP Address on Android Phone

[1] Navigate the Settings app on your Android device.

[2] Click Wireless & Networks and choose your WiFi network.

[3] After that, tap Modify Network.

Select Build Number

[4] Now, under the Advanced Options menu, select the Change Your IP Address option and input your new IP address.

Why Can’t I Change My Location on Tinder?

If you can’t change the location on the Tinder platform, proceed with the troubleshooting methods to bypass those issues.

  • Make sure that you have an active Tinder subscription to use the Tinder Passport feature. You can’t change the location if your subscription is expired.
  • There may also be a possibility that GPS is turned off in your device. So, enable the GPS location feature on your Android Phone or iPhone to fake your location on Tinder.

Pros and Cons of Changing Tinder Location

After overviewing all the possible ways, here are the pros and cons of changing the location on the Tinder platform.


  • Changing location aids users in connecting with people from other cities or countries.
  • Allows for exposure to different cultures and lifestyles.
  • Could open up new opportunities for dating and friendship


  • Changing locations may lead to an increase in the number of Tinder scams and frauds.
  • This could lead to users misrepresenting themselves as the opposite gender.
  • It may also lead to false advertising from users.

Can I Hide my Location on Tinder?

Yes, Tinder allows its premium subscribers to hide their locations for personal purposes. On the contrary, free users can’t have the option to hide their locations. Premium users can navigate to the built-in settings menu to hide their locations. However, it is not recommended to hide your location for a long time as it may lead you to some technical issues.

How to Turn Off Location on Tinder

Tinder doesn’t allow users to turn off their location in the app. In case you’re too concerned about your privacy, you can manually locate Tinder on your device’s settings and disable the location access.

How to Change the Search Distance on Tinder

In case you want to maximize or minimize the search distance, you can make use of the Discovery Settings to proceed with it.

[1] Launch the Tinder app and select the Profile icon.

[2] Navigate to Settings.

[3] Scroll down and choose Discovery.

[4] Click Maximum Distance and set your distance.

Use any of the methods to change the Tinder location to meet and date people from different locations worldwide.

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