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Gamban Blocker – An Application Overview



Gamban Blocker

Gamban blocker is a handy application that hinders overindulging in online betting by blocking all cooperating gambling sites from the devices on which it is installed. The UK based software company Gamban curated an application that stands as an affordable security system providing security against compulsive gambling by helping them defy the urge to gamble. Gamban covers sites and apps from all over the world also providing protection against fraudulent illegal websites. It was founded in 2015 by Jack Symons. Gamban stops subscribers from accessing more than 40,000 sites.

Purpose of the Application 

A survey conducted by GambleAware proves the 99% effectiveness of Gamban by blocking bettors from gambling sites. This has fetched Gamban an overwhelming recognition from people worldwide. This application simplifies the challenge to create obstacles in order to prevent overindulgence in gambling. Gamban has repeatedly proven itself to be the smartest tool to overcome gambling addiction by implementing practical solutions for protection methods. 

Sites that Cooperate with the Application

Gamban blocks a wide range of online gaming sites from the device in which it is installed including sportsbooks, esports, skins, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Moreover, Gamban blocks access to websites of trading displaying online wagering behavior. This application is successful in banning some free games in which virtual coins are associated, in spite of them having no real cash. Gambling sites registered with UKGC are usually under the purview of Gamban.

However, new casino sites operating under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, or Government of Gibraltar keep emerging every day.  Hence one can find numerous other gambling sites that do not fall under the jurisdiction of Gamban. However, it isn’t a simple task to find reputable betting websites, not on Gamban, but sites that are listed on NonGamstopBets are reputable and they provide an excellent service for their customer. One can find a plethora of games on these sites along with lucrative bonuses and excellent customer care services making them hard to resist.  

About the Application 

Apart from blocking access to a number of gambling websites, hence providing protection against losing money, it saves users from illegal gambling websites, those which operate without a license. The effortless installation process takes very little time. One can find Gamban across all platforms. Previously, it was a free application but currently, subscribers are charged an amount of £2.8-2.49 (as of December 2020) for a month of subscription post the period of the 7-day free trial. Along with the protection, users get access to other Gamban resources. Live Technical Support is being provided to the subscribers whenever they claim for services. On mobile devices, this application runs on both cellular data and Wi-Fi. Platforms supporting Gamban include Android 5.0 and latest versions, iOS/ iPadOS, Windows, macOS 10.10, and newer versions. One can create customized promotional codes in Gamban. In order to avail quick onboard, one can whitelist email addresses. The customer support makes sure to provide you answers to every doubt regarding installation and activity. The privacy of users is protected at every cost. 

Thanks to its increasing popularity and humble objective, Gamban received the SoftwareRising Star Award at EGR B2B Awards in 2018. Noteworthy of mention, Gamban received RegTech Provider of the Year at the Gambling Compliance Global Regulatory Awards in the year 2019. 

How does it work? 

A simple process of signing up is required to help Gamban to operate. Gamban stays active in the background throughout the period of subscription but hinders the access whenever one tries to log in to websites enlisted on the Gamban Blocker. People all across the United Kingdom can have access to it. 

What should the customer do?  

Nothing replaces intentions and willpower to overcome habits. Self-actualization is the key rectify oneself. The hardest part of creating a habit is the initial period where the habit is on the verge of being created. The more obstacles towards the previous practice, the better implementation of new ones. This is how one can keep old and useless habits in check. Hence, along with Gamstop, Gamban subscription holds so much importance for someone trying to keep himself from online gambling. Gamban enables users to operate their devices with a sense of security.

This can be achieved in just two steps:

  1. download the application on your device
  2. register using your valid credentials

People indulging in gambling of any sort should have a sense of where to stop; this is regarded as the basic rule of gambling. For people acknowledging yet not being able to implement such measures, Gamban stands as the ultimate rescuer. 

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