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Getting Into Graphic Design? Here’s What You Will Need To Start



Graphic Design

Whether you are looking to develop a career as a logo designer, a website illustrator or you are taking your artistic skills from inks and papers to a digital platform, you need to know the what and how of graphic design. Nearly all kinds of digitally created art can be categorized under the broad heading of graphic design, so it’s hard to tell what a person actually does when they say that they are a graphic designer.

However, even though it can be difficult to understand the nature of the work of a graphic designer, the tools they use are relatively similar. More importantly, if you are choosing to do graphic design just as a hobby or you just want to explore this line of work, then you won’t need all the things on this list. Though if you are looking to make a career out of it and earn a full-time income, then you want to approach it as more of a business rather than just a skill set.

Whatever your aim is, here are the most important things you need to get started with graphic design.

1.  Platform

Are you looking to sell your work or just publish it online where the world can view it for free? Also, do you have a specific audience you would like to showcase your work to? Maybe you just want to create art and keep it for yourself?

If you would like to be a ‘published’ graphic designer whose work is available for the masses to see, or you want to sell it, then you need a platform/marketplace. There are a ton of places where you can either sell your work or earn from visitors who view your work. Moreover, if you are considering selling your services as a graphic designer, it would be a good option to invest in developing your online portfolio where clients can see your work.

2.  Software

In order to actually give your artistic ideas life, you are going to need software. Much like traditional art tools like pens, paints, and paper, the graphic designing software is going to give you all the tools you need to draw your graphics. There are lots of free options available, though they are limited in their functionality as compared to the paid options. It’s a good idea to start off with a free solution and as you get the hang of things you can invest in a paid solution.

3.  Hardware

Together with the software that you will use to create the graphics, you need a suitable device on which the software will run. Theoretically, you could work on any kind of device which supports the software, though if you really want to get the most out of it you should consider a more specialized device. While computers are the best solutions, laptops for the digital artist allow more flexibility, they are more portable and will provide the same level of functionality as a desktop solution. Moreover, you can take things even further with dedicated graphic design hardware such as digital drawing tablets which provide you the same feel of drawing using a pen, the difference is that both the pen and paper are digital devices.

4.  Marketing

This is really important for those people who are pursuing graphic design as a profession or want it to be a hobby that can generate some amount of money. Even if you want to create art for the fun of it and share it with the world for free, it’s good to know the best places where you can publish your work. There are a few different ways you can make money as a graphic designer, though all of them require you to market your work to find people who are willing to pay for your art. Any graphic designer or digital worker for that matter will tell you that it’s not quick money, but if you can tough it out in the beginning, you could earn a good living through this skill.

Graphic Design

5.  Education

As with many things in life, things in the graphic design world change. Not only do trends and consumer tastes change, but since it is a digital art form, it evolves with technology. The software that you use to make your art will change, the platforms that you publish on will change, and as you learn more skills your own art will change. It’s important to keep learning and keep growing to be the best artist that you can be.

While all these things are important considerations before you start as a graphic designer, the most important thing is to start, to take that first step, and push yourself in the direction that you want to go. The majority of us are extremely passionate about certain things, but because we never start, we live without ever knowing how good we really are. Don’t over-analyze, take these tips and start working on becoming a graphic designer today.

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