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Google Docs Templates: Creating a Newspaper for Your Site



Google Docs Templates: Creating a Newspaper for Your Site

Many sites have their own newspapers these days, their number continues to increase, and there are good reasons for that trend. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of publishing your own newspaper and the ways newspaper templates can help you do it more effectively. We shall also highlight the advantages of using newspaper templates for Google Docs over other processors and briefly mention several practical considerations concerning the formatting of your articles.

Benefits of Publishing a Newspaper

There are several reasons why a site might want to publish its own newspaper. For one thing, it might actually have to do it: educational institutions, for example, often have to publish the results of their work in that format. The same applies to news agencies and community forums. Travelers’ blogs also seem to have chosen the newspaper articles as their format of preference.

Apart from that, publishing your own newspaper will make your site look a lot more respectable and reliable in the eyes of most visitors to your site. As a result, your public image, thus enhanced, will generate more traffic of visitors to your pages and expose your content to a much greater extent than you could count on otherwise. And that means more leads at the end of the day.

Few sites can boast publishing truly gripping and popular articles, though. A proper presentation of an online newspaper requires far more skills and creativity than printing a weekly report, for instance. Your newspaper’s front page must catch the eye; otherwise, nobody will even bother to scan it. And this is where using newspaper templates makes a considerable difference to your ultimate success.

Pros of Using Newspaper Templates

1. To begin with, it saves you a lot of time and trouble by providing you with a structure, and you only have to fill in the data. That allows you to focus on the content more thoroughly. And, you can save the template to fill it with different content in the future.

2. Newspaper templates obtained from a reputable provider will enhance the quality of your newspaper’s layout immensely, the latter being the most significant factor accounting for its success.

3. On top of that, you will have access to numerous formatting tools you can use to adjust the final presentation to your specific needs and purposes.

4. Professional newspaper templates are also very good at meeting all the SEO requirements and have this function built into them automatically. They will provide you with your article’s meta tags, readability score, and other significant indices to help you with more appropriate editing of your content.

5. Furthermore, they will analyze the traffic to your page and report the results to you in an easily readable format. That will help you better explore your potential market and adapt to it more constructively.

6. Finally, well-established and reputable template providers will ensure maximal security for your site and offer you continuous live customer support should you experience any problems or confusion.

Advantages of Newspaper Templates for Google Docs

You can obtain the templates for different processors, and all of them will have specific strong points and drawbacks. However, it is the templates for Google Docs that seem best suited for the purpose.

1. First, Google Docs operates both online and offline, and it is also available on mobile devices. That increases its usability and allows for its remote operation in real-time mode.

2. Besides, since it is a cloud-based processor, it only requires a reliable internet connection for remote access to all its functions, and its mobile application allows you to use it from wherever you might be at the moment.

3. Plus, because you can use the files offline too, you can log out of your Google or Gmail account as soon as you download all the files you need.

4. And as a cherry on top, newspaper templates for Google Docs are available 100% free of charge.

Variety of Newspaper Templates for Google Docs

There are so many Google Docs templates available specifically for the purpose nowadays that you can be sure you will find a virtually perfect one for you, no matter what your particular needs might be. The templates will differ in terms of the print, overall artistic design and intended audience of the newspaper. The most common examples include:

  • Vintage Newspaper Template
  • School Newspaper Template
  • Modern Newspaper Template
  • Simple Newspaper Template

Editing the Text in Google Doc

When you use a newspaper template and its formatting tools to edit the layout of your article, you should pay particular attention to the two most significant aspects of its style, namely the paragraph and the character styles.

In simple terms, the paragraph style refers to the general appearance of the sections within the body of the article. You may standardize it over the entire document or create different ones for different parts of the text, depending on what will better ensure the article’s readability, and highlight specific places in the article that you would like to draw the reader’s attention.

On the other hand, the character style outlines various parts of the paragraph itself and includes such tools as bold type, sub-headings, and color, to name a few. You use the character style to maintain the consistency of the content presentation across the entire text.

If you use a newspaper template for Google Docs, both styles will, in all probability, be built into the text automatically, and it does work very well in most cases. Still, you should know that if the styles do not suit your purposes, you can adjust them manually, once and for the entire text. All you have to do is go to ‘Choose < > Style’ and double click on the one you like.


With so many free newspaper templates for Google Docs available online nowadays, you can easily find optimal ones for your purposes. And once you have had minimal practical experience with them, you can easily create the most professional newspapers for your site.

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