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How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription



Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is a standalone or premium music streaming service that costs $7.99/month for prime users and $9.99/month for non-prime users. It features more than 60 million songs along with tons of stations and playlists. It also supports a downloading feature for offline streaming. But, if you have decided it’s time for a change or want to try some other streaming service, you need to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription to avoid getting charged automatically.

How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

#1 Launch your preferred browser and visit

#2 Log in to the Amazon account that you used for Music Unlimited. Skip this step if you’re already logged in.

#3 Go to your Account & Lists menu and select Memberships & Subscriptions.

Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

#4 Select Music Subscriptions.

#5 Navigate to the Subscription Renewal section of Amazon Music Unlimited and select the Cancel subscription menu.

Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

#6 The subscription ending date will appear on the screen. Click Confirm cancellation to complete the process.

Note – You can continue using the Music Unlimited subscription till the end of the billing period.

When it comes to smartphones, you can cancel the service only on Android devices. iOS users need to rely on the web browser to cancel the service.

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To Cancel on Android devices:

#1 Launch the Amazon Music app.

#2 Select the Gear shaped icon on the top left corner of app.

#3 Select Amazon Music Unlimited.

#4 Your payment information will appear on the screen.

#5 Scroll down to Subscription section and tap Cancel subscription.

Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

#6 Click Confirm cancellation.

If you have purchased Amazon Music via iTunes, head to the Apple Website or iOS device settings to cancel the service. After canceling the service, all the songs and playlists that you added will be removed.

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