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How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription [2021]



Cancel Hotstar Subscription

Hotstar is a renown OTT live TV streaming service available in India. It is currently accessible on the web, Android, and iOS devices. The users of Hotstar will get access to the latest TV shows, newest movies, sports and news at any time. It offers about 100,000 hours of movies and drama in different languages. Over time, Hotstar will bring you personalized recommendations and lets you stream for an unlimited time. It offers free as well as premium contents. So, you can buy a membership to access the premium titles like new movies, live sports, etc. Choose Hotstar VIP to access live sports for an unlimited time. Alternatively, you can buy Hotstar Premium to stream premium English shows, movies, etc, from an extensive premium catalogue.

If you are a member, then you may cancel Hotstar subscription at any time. It is free from contracts and you can end its premium membership easily by proceeding into this article further.


How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription

If you are a premium member of Hotstar, then cancel your subscription at any time. Follow the guidelines given below to cancel it instantly.

Note: As of now, Hotstar doesn’t support cancelling the subscription through the Android/iOS app. You can do it only from the desktop website.

Step 1: First of all, visit on your PC browser.

Step 2: Provide your login credentials to further sign into your Hotstar account.

Cancel Hotstar Subscription
Enter your login details

Step 3: After that, select My Account Page on your browser website.

Step 4: Click on the Cancel Membership link to end the subscription of Hotstar.

To Sum Up

Upon following these simple steps, you can cancel Hotstat membership. It lets you enjoy streaming your Hotstar premium contents until your new billing period.

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