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How to Clear History on Google Chrome [2020]



Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers used on different platforms. From time to time, it is important to clear chrome history in order to safeguard your privacy. You can delete the Chrome history from the last hour, day, week, month or the time since you started using the browser. The process of clearing the browsing history on Google Chrome varies slightly from one platform to another platform. Here, we will show you the steps for all platforms.

Note: If you encountered any issue while browsing on Chrome browser, we recommend you to clear the cache on Chrome. If the issue hasn’t resolved, it is better to reset Google Chrome to its factory settings.

How to Clear Google Chrome History on Computer?

#1: Open Chrome browser on your computer and click the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner.

#2: Click the menu labelled as History.

#3: Again, select History. Simply, press CTRL + H keys open the history tab.

#4: Select the time range and select Clear Browsing Data on the left panel.

#5: Select the Browsing history tab and tap Clear data to remove all the websites that you browsed.

Clear Google Chrome History on Computer

To delete a particular item:

#1: On the History page (step 3), click the three-dot menu icon located next to the particular website that you want to remove your history.

#2: Select Remove from history.

Clear Google Chrome History on Computer

To delete multiple items:

#1: Press CTRL + H keys to open the browsing history tab.

#2: Select the multiple items and select the Delete menu.

Clear Google Chrome History on Computer

How to Clear Google Chrome History on Android?

The procedure to clear Google Chrome history on Android mobiles and tablets is very similar to the computer.


#1: Open the browser and click the three-dot menu icon on the right corner.

#2: The list of websites that you browsed recently will appear on the screen. Tap Clear browsing data.

#3: Select the Browsing History menu and select the time range.

#4: Tap Clear data.

Clear Google Chrome History on Android

#5: Click OK, got it to erase the google chrome history.

To Delete a particular item:

To delete a particular item or multiple items, long-press and select the websites that you want to remove. Once selected, click the delete icon to clear the data.

Clear Google Chrome History on Android

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How to Delete Google Chrome History on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

#1: Open the Chrome browser on your iPhone/iPad and click the three-dot menu icon located at the bottom right corner.

#2: Select the History tab.

#3: Tap Clear Browsing Data.

#4: Select your time range and click the Browsing history tab.

Delete Google Chrome History on iPhone/iPad

#5: Again, select Browsing history to confirm the process.

#6: It will delete the chrome history on your iPhone or iPad.

These are steps that you need to follow for deleting Chrome history on different devices. Clearing Chrome’s history is a habit that you need to at regular intervals. At the same time, remember that you don’t have to clear everything. Just clear the things that you want to keep private.

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