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How to Compose a Poem Using ChatGPT



How to write a poem using ChatGPT

Unquestionably! ChatGPT is one of the most powerful AI tools used by nearly 100 million users across the world. Having the advantage of generating human-like text, you can also use ChatGPT to assist in creating poems. You can provide prompts like theme, number of stanzas, and figure of speech to incorporate with your poem. Moreover, you can also assist ChatGPT in exploring different metaphors and structures to create your own poem.

How to Compose a Haiku using ChatGPT

Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem which is commonly used by poets and writers to express their emotions and deep insights in vivid language. These poems will be short and include only 17 syllables.

You can use ChatGPT to create your own Haiku to express your feelings towards your best friend or loved ones.

Prompt: “Compose a haiku missing my best friend who is overseas.”

Enter prompt to compose a poem using ChatGPT

While composing haiku, you can also incorporate names and other elements for a better output.

Prompt: “Include my name as Ruby and her name as Bunny.”

Include your names on Poems

Moreover, you can compare your friendship with external elements to make the Haiku crispy and alluring.

Prompt: “Compare Bunny and Ruby’s friendship to the sun and moon.”

Compare the friendship using ChatGPT

You can also minimize and maximize the stanzas accordingly.

Prompt: “I want the haiku in 5-6 stanzas.”

Prompt the Poem stanzas on ChatGPT

Furthermore, if you feel like you left something off, don’t worry. You can ask ChatGPT to perform actions.

Prompt: “Add the keyword alpha and omega representing our friendship.”

Prompt to add keywords to poem on ChatGPT

At last, you can click the Regenerate Responses option to choose the perfect haiku for your best friend.

Click Generate Response

How to Compose a Narrative Poem Using ChatGPT

Here is the algorithm to compose a narrative essay in a perfect way:

Prompt: “Generate a narrative essay about my struggles in achieving my career.”

Prompt to generate a narrative poem

For a detailed narration, you can also prompt the specifics to generate the output accordingly.

Prompt: “I faced struggles in interacting with others to achieve my goal as a professional singer.”

State your goal on ChatGPT

However, if you don’t want more stanzas, you can also filter the lines and stanzas accordingly.

Prompt: “Generate the narrative poem about my struggles in achieving my career in a couplet.”

Prompt your poem in a couplet

Prompt: “Deliver the narrative poem about my struggles in achieving my career in cinquain.”

Prompt the poem in a cinquain

You can also add metaphors to express the in-depth emotions and imagination in your poem.

Prompt: “Add a metaphor to my narrative poem to describe my struggles in achieving my career.”

Add metaphor to your poem on ChatGPT

If you want a desired title for your poem, you can also command ChatGPT to give you one.

Prompt: “Give a crispy title to my poem.”

Generate a title to your poem using ChatGPT

Moreover, you can also input ChatGPT to replace a specific word with another one without changing the structure and meaning of the poem.

Prompt: “Replace the word career with the professional singer.”

Replace the word using ChatGPT

How to Compose Dramatic Poem Using ChatGPT

Basically, dramatic poem plays a major role in expressing intense emotions and conflicts through metaphors and strong imaginations.

Here we’re going to generate a dramatic poem about the adventures of pirates.

Prompt: “Generate a dramatic poem about the adventures of pirates in 5 stanzas.”

Construct a dramatic poem

If you are annoyed by the headings such as Stanza 1, Stanza 2, etc., you can command Chat GPT to remove them.

Prompt: “Remove the stanza heading in my dramatic poem.”

Remove the stanza headings

If you’re a perfectionist, you can reconstruct your entire dramatic poem according to syllables.

Prompt: “Reconstruct the entire poem in 9 syllables.”

Construct in 9 syllables

You can also command ChatGPT to generate your essay according to the figure of speech.

Prompt: “Use oxymoron in stanza 1.”

Use Oxymoron

Prompt: “Construct the poem with personification in stanza 2 and hyperbole in stanza 4.”

Create the poem with personification and hyperbole

Finally, you can ask the ChatGPT to combine all the essential prompts to generate a dramatic poem for you.

Prompt: “Combine all the prompts and generate a perfect dramatic poem for me.”

Create a perfect dramatic poem using ChatGPT

Now, you can use this dramatic poem to complete your assignments.

A poem is a never-ending form of artistic expression that bewitches the heart and minds of readers. With the help of ChatGPT, you can deliver the same amount of emotions illustrated by poets and skilful writers. Use this platform wisely and provide the necessary information to deliver the poem with the respective structures.

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