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How To Create a Good Landing Page



Good Landing Page

A good landing page should be able to capture the attention of your visitors. When visitors come to your site, the landing page should help them stay and take action. Here are a few tips to create a good landing page.

Broadcast Offer Values With a Clear Header

The best landing pages have strong offers. Use a clear header to describe the offer and why it is important. The headlines and subheadings should be captivating enough to keep visitors interested in your site. There are different ways to broadcast value. Whether you use the headline or subheading, do not use too many words. Usually, you only get eight seconds to convince a visitor to pursue your offer.

Adopt a Minimalistic Approach

While you may want to fill your landing page with information, it isn’t a good idea. Keep the landing page clean, simple, and free of distractions. Visitors do not need to be bombarded with unnecessary information and navigation should be simple. A good landing page should only provide visitors with the information they need to convert. If you give them too much, they are likely to be overwhelmed. The information you have at the center and front should be easy to scan. Consider using bullet points when explaining details.

Visual Appeal

Your landing page should look good. As indicated in this website, attractive visuals will encourage visitors to stay on your page and take action. Consider using attractive colors, video landing pages, and images to pass the information on your landing page without coming off as intrusive. Highlight the key points and keep the graphics simple.

The look and feel of a landing page determine its ability to drive conversions. Since the main purpose of your landing page is to make conversions easy, ensure that all your design elements are working towards that.  

Red and green button colors look great, and they are said to drive conversions. Ensure that the contrast between your background and button colors is strong and pay attention to placement.

Mobile Friendliness

Make your landing page mobile-friendly as about 30 percent of activity will come from mobile devices. A mobile-friendly landing page can increase your conversions. Create a landing page that looks and feels good on mobile devices. It should be simple, fast-loading, and easy to navigate.

Use Trust Signals

Successful landing pages use trust signals. These signals will give your visitors confidence in your brand and offers. These signals come in all forms but testimonials are some of the most effective ones. They are a lot like word-of-mouth endorsements from other customers. Knowing that others have had positive experiences with you may encourage a visitor to take action on your site.

Trust logos may promote credibility as well. They are logos from famous brands that you may have associated with or worked with in the past. They may include recognition, membership, or endorsements. Even unofficial buttons may be a great way to add some trust to your offer.

Customize It for Your Audience

Tailor your landing page to meet the specific needs of your target audiences. If you have been promoting your offer, you are likely to get traffic from various sources. Therefore, it may be necessary to ensure that your landing page appeals to all the different groups that visit your site. Visitors from Facebook, for example, will not have the same needs as those from a PPC ad.

Add Images

Use captivating images to make your page more appealing. Showing your face and the faces of other team members will make you more relatable. While using stock images may seem easier, it doesn’t do much for your conversion rates. Real images can boost your conversation rates by up to 50 percent. Avoid using model images as they are unlikely to create a sense of trust or empathy.


Good Landing Page

The hallmark of creating an effective landing page is testing. Thorough testing makes it easy to determine if your landing page works. You can find out what you have done at night and what needs to change. There are lots of free tools that may help you check your page for conversion rate optimization and best practices. Pick a tool that is easy to use.

Every website needs a good landing page to improve conversions. When creating a landing page, pay attention to mobile-friendliness, visual appeal, and the header. Use a minimalistic approach and tailor it to suit the needs of your audience. When you are done, test the landing page and check for mistakes.

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