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How to Easily Relive all the Memories You Have Recorded on VHS Tapes



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How do you watch your old videos on VHS tapes? Indeed, VHS and VCRs are now outdated, and now people are using other digital formats to watch videos. However, you might be having your old memories and videos stored in VHS, and you want to watch them again. How do you do it? Despite the technological advancement, there are many ways you can still watch your content recorded on VHS. This article will discuss five ways in which you can easily watch contents stored in tapes. Read on for the ways.  

1. Track down a VCR

If you have lots of VHS tapes stacked in your home and you will want to watch all of them, it’s time now to track and buy a VCR machine. However, you might encounter some hurdles in getting the best VCR to play your videos since they are no longer getting sold or not easy to find. A search in most online sellers reveals that they no longer sell the VCRs, and in some areas, these players are becoming collectibles, like the old electronics, including the tube TVs. However, there are places you can find these VCRs, which you can use to play your VHS. Some of the good spots include the websites that sell second-hand items, including eBay and craigslist. You can get a good one at an affordable price, which you can ship to your home and use to watch videos stored in VHS. However, this method is a bit complicated since you will also need to find a screen that supports the VCR output. 

2. Convert your collection to digital formats

Converting your VHS into digital formats is the most effective method you can use to watch your VHS videos. This method reduces the hassle and cost of finding the VCR and the related screen to play your videos. This method uses a converter to transfer your videos from VHS to digital formats. You will require a video capture and a computer for this process, enabling you to turn the analog video into a digital one. There are many converters you can buy for this process. It’s essential to go through the reviews to get the best one. The good thing about this conversion is that you can edit, share and do other things with the converted view once on your computer. 

3. Plug Your VCR into your HDTV

Your old VCR might still be functioning and playing your VHS well. If so, you can plug the VCR into your HDTV and play the VHS content. How do you do it? Some digital TVs do not support old format videos or VCR players. However, if your TV has analog jacks marked red, yellow, and white, you can play the VCR with the TV. You only need to plug the yellow cable from the VCR to the yellow port, red to red, and white to white, then play your VCR. While the picture quality might not look good, you can change the settings, including changing the aspect ratio to 4:3 to get the best video quality your TV can decode from the VCR. 

4. Ask for a video transfer service

Many companies, both physical and online, help individuals transfer their analog physical videos to digital formats. Sometimes, these companies, including Costo, already have the ancient videos converted. You only need to go with your title and copy the videos from them. If having your unique content, you can visit them or send your VHS, get your videos converted and edited at a fee. These companies are so important when you can’t convert the videos at home, using the format explained above.  

5. Get a TV with an inbuilt VHS player

If you don’t have a VHS at home and a suitable TV to accept the VHS output, you can get an old TV built with a VHS player. The internet provides you with anything you need, and you might find such TVs, which used to be the most liked ones before digital migration. You might not see these TVs in popular online marketplaces, but you can find them on websites that sell second-hand items, including eBay and those dealing with collectibles. While some of these TVs might be bulky, they will help you relive some memories from your old VHS. 

If you thought you couldn’t get content from your VHS again, there you have it. Some of the options, including converting your video, enable you to permanently change your videos to digital formats. This whole idea saves you the hassle of finding the means next time. It is crucial to conduct research and check on reviews to get the best converters, players, and screens to watch your old videos.

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