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How to Enable Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord



How to Enable Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord is an Android-based smartphone manufactured by OnePlus. OxgenOS software in Nord’s smartphone offers plenty of features like the track record, secret space, dark mode, and much more to improve overall system stability. These features make operation easier and more intuitive. It also lets the phone run without any bugs and hanging problems. By enabling the Dark mode, you can reduce your eye strain while using the smartphone in low light conditions. It also saves your battery life a little bit. If you aren’t aware of Dark Mode on OnePlus Nord, the following section will show two different ways to enable it.

How to Enable/Turn On Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord

The following steps are only applicable for the OnePlus Nord mobiles that run on Android 11 & higher.

[1] On your OnePlus Nord smartphone, open the Settings app.

[2] Scroll down and click the Display option.

Select the Display settings

[3] Choose the Dark Mode option.

How to Enable Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord

[4] Turn on the dark mode by sliding the google next to the Manual option.

How to Enable Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord

[5] That’s it. You have successfully enabled the Dark Mode in OnePlus Nord.

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Alternative Method:

[1] On your phone, open the notification panel.

[2] On the list of icons, you will find all the shortcut buttons.

[3] Select the Dark mode icon from the list of icons.

Dark Mode icon

[4] That’s it. The dark mode is enabled in your OnePlus Nord phone.

[5] You can also turn back to the light mode by simply tapping on the icon again.

OnePlus Nord Running on Android 10

If your OnePlus Nord runs on Android 10, you can enable dark mode by

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Customisation.
  • Click on Preset Theme.
  • Select Nuanced Dark Theme and click on the Apply button.

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Android 10 doesn’t provide the option to enable dark theme directly from the notifications panel. The support was introduced on Android 11. Do you have any issues while enabling the dark mode? Mention them in the comments section. We will help you to fix it.

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