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How to Enable Dark Mode on Amazon [Website & App]



Amazon Dark Mode

Amazon is a popular e-commerce platform used by billions of people worldwide. You can buy anything on Amazon. Nowadays, we all prefer to buy everything online, and we can access Amazon from all smart devices. Generally, the Amazon website is in light mode by default. If you have been using Amazon for a long time, you may face some pain in the eyes. This is due to excessive exposure to bright lights. To save your eyes from bright light, you need to use Amazon in the dark theme. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have built-in dark mode support. But, you can use the Amazon website or app in the dark theme by enabling the dark mode on your respective devices.

How to Set Dark Theme on Amazon Website [Google Chrome]

1) Open the Chrome browser on your computer and go to Chrome Web Store.

Go to Chrome browser on your PC

2) In that, search for the Dark Reader extension. You can also search for any dark mode extension of your choice.

3) Click Add to Chrome and tap the option Add extension to install the extension on your browser.

Click on add to chrome

4) When it is installed, click the extension displayed on the toolbar to enable the dark theme.

5) Now, go to the Amazon website, and use it in the dark theme.

Amazon on dark mode

6) To revert back, click on the Dark Reader Extension bar and turn off the toggle.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Firefox Browser

If you are using the Firefox browser, follow the below steps to activate the dark mode.

1) Open the Firefox browser and navigate to Customize section.

2) In that, select Themes from the bottom of the screen.

3) Select the Dark option.

4) Now, visit the Amazon site on your desktop, and it will appear with a dark theme.

Alternative Way

You can install Night Eye Extension on your browser to enable dark mode. For that, visit website and add the extension to your browser. It will change the entire browser into the dark mode, and it supports almost all browsers. To install Night Eye, you can use the Yandex browser because it is the only browser that allows you to add an extension to your mobile.

How to Use Amazon in Dark Mode [Android]

Enabling night mode on the Amazon app from your Smartphone is not possible. Because the app doesn’t have any inbuilt dark mode feature. So, you need to enable the dark theme on your Android mobile to use Amazon in the night mode.

1) On your Android smartphone, go to the Notification panel.

Enable Dark Mode on Android

2) Click on the Dark theme button to enable Dark Mode on your phone.

3) Now, open the app and start using it with Dark mode.

Note: You can easily revert it by turning off the dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Theme on Amazon App [iOS]

iPhone and iPad offer an inbuilt dark mode. Using that, you can shop on Amazon without straining your eyes.

1) Unlock your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings.

2) Click on the Display & Brightness option.

3) Then, select Dark to enable Dark Mode.

Enable Amazon Dar Mode on Iphone

4) Now, open the Amazon Prime shopping app and shop using the dark-colored version.

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1. Does the Amazon app have a dark mode?

No, Amazon doesn’t have an inbuilt dark mode feature.

2. Is dark mode available on the Amazon Kindle app?

Yes, you can turn on dark mode on Amazon Kindle.

3. How do I turn on dark mode on Amazon?

You can use Amazon in the dark theme by enabling the dark mode on the device you are using.

3. Is there a dark mode on the Alexa app?

Yes, the Alexa app supports light or dark mode.

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