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How to Enable Dark Mode on iTunes [Windows & Mac]



Dark Mode on iTunes

iTunes is a reliable app to download, play, and manage audio & video files. It also provides direct to Apple’s iTunes store. Even though it was initially launched as a media player, Apple has integrated the iCloud service to sync media, apps, and other data between devices. Like other media players, iTunes also supports the dark mode feature. The dark mode is a feature that lets you change the background appearance of the application or software from the usual light color to dark color. It saves your eyes from blue light and reduces eye strain while using iTunes in night conditions.

How to Enable Dark Mode on iTunes

The steps to enable dark mode on iTunes will vary between Windows and Mac devices. Hence, we have listed out the steps for both devices in a separate section

Steps to Enable iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

{1} Ensure that your Mac firmware was updated to the latest version.

{2} Click on the Apple logo.

{3} From the list of options, select System Preference.

{4} On the system preference window, click on General.

{5} Select the Dark theme option located on the Appearance section.

Change appearance on Mac

{6} Finally, open iTunes on Mac, and it will open with the dark theme.

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Steps to Enable iTunes Dark Mode on Windows PC

{1} In Windows 10, open Settings.

Windows 10 Settings

{2} Click on the Personalization option from the Windows settings.

Dark Mode on iTunes: click Personalization

{3} Click on the Colors option on the next screen.

Dark Mode on iTunes: click colors

{4} Under choose your default app mode, select the Dark option.

Dark Mode on iTunes: select Dark

{5} Now, open iTunes on your Windows PC, and the dark theme will appear automatically.

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If the above-mentioned methods haven’t worked properly, you can use third-party tools to enable the dark mode. There are plenty of tools available online to change the background theme of iTunes. It is advisable not to use dark mode in daylight conditions.

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