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How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch Account



Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

Twitch is a two-in-one platform that lets you stream gaming videos as well as chat with the gamer. It lets you watch the gamers play the most popular and biggest games like MMO RPG, MOBA, FPS, and more. While Twitch offers multiple features, you can access ever more of it with Twitch Prime. However, you will be able to get this premium membership only if you connect Amazon Prime to Twitch. Just by linking your Amazon Prime, your Twitch account will transform into Twitch Prime. The linking process is very easy and you can access the Twitch Prime account for free. If you aren’t sure of how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch, then we have guided you in steps.

Benefits of Linking Amazon Prime to Twitch

There are some advantages exists with Twitch Prime when compared to Twitch account. The advantages of linking Amazon Prime with Twitch includes the following.

  • It will give you a free Twitch Channel Subscription each month.
  • Members will get access to full games and in-game content for free.
  • It supports extended broadcast storage for up to 60 days.
  • You get the benefits of emoticons, chat badge, and choosing chat color.

Note: All these games and benefits that you gained through Twitch Prime are linked to Twitch account. In other words, they aren’t available on Twitch Prime. So, you can still keep them even if you don’t want to subscribe to Twitch Prime.

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How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch?

(1). Launch a web browser on your PC.

(2). Visit

Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

(3). Click on Sign In and provide your Amazon Prime account login credentials.

Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

(4). Tap on Activate Twitch Prime button available at the top right corner.

Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

(5). The next window will show you the Twitch and Amazon account that you want to link. Click Confirm to proceed.

Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

(6). Now, you will be redirected to Twitch Prime homepage and you can start using free Twitch Prime.

Try the Alternative Way!

You can use Amazon Prime account to link your Twitch account. To proceed, you shall follow the steps given below.

(1). Visit on your browser.

(2). Login to your Amazon account with relevant credentials.

(3). On the home page, click on Prime button.

(4). Just scroll down till you find Twitch Prime to click on Learn More.

(5). Then, tap on Connect your Twitch Account button from the top-right.

Within a few minutes, Amazon Prime will be linked to Twitch.

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Our Opinion

Linking your Amazon Prime to Twitch is all the way simple and easy with the guidelines provided here. With this, you will be able to access additional Twitch features. It includes a premium streaming experience, access to free games, downloadable contents, special emotes, unique chat badges, etc.

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