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How To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym



Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym (2)

It’s usually on Saturdays, for most people of course. You’d usually be in a hurry to meet up and impress the gym coach and friends who have now come to know you as a regular.

From lifting barbells to hanging from TRX straps, you’d be here for an hour or two at max before you start to see stars and think you need to take a rest. And the next shift is next Saturday. That’s a whole week gone. Why would you have to wait that long when you don’t want the weight loss process to linger for long. Everyone wants quick results. Don’t you?

Home exercise: Lose Weight Without Going To Gym
Home exercises

Research has proven that to lose weight, you only need to eat right and exercise right. It’s a combo and it’s definitely not once-in-a-week stuff. Balancing your workout routine with a proper diet and other exercises will bring you back to a perfect fit and give you that ideal weight.

Below are some very proven ways to lose that weight without queuing at the gym.

Exercise Consciously and Continuously

Depending on your personality, schedule, and your likes, you can do some jogging around or some stairs-climbing, or some walking around with the consciousness that you want to lose weight. The fitness experts behind Spartan Home Workouts suggest following a carefully worked out daily plan in the comfort of your home or office or wherever you may find yourself. Keeping the consciousness helps you keep the goal alive, and adding that extra passion that is needed.

Even going to the gym twice or thrice a week won’t compare to the benefits you’ll get from these simple, conscious and continuous workouts. Add a few squats while alone in the elevator at work. Do a few crunches at an obscure place while you’re waiting for a ride. Some push-ups right in your office or at home when visitors or colleagues are out isn’t a bad idea.

There just has to be continuity. That’s the goal.

Constant Movement

Sitting for long during the day is counterproductive to the weight loss program. Keep in mind that sitting is next to weight gain. Yes, you can say that again.

You have to keep those legs busier than your butts. Even a well-structured gym weight loss plan won’t measure up to the benefits you’d get from daily conscious regular movement. 

Regular movement keeps the blood flowing well and muscles working well and that is always good news for weight looser. Besides, you’ll stand a chance to lose about 350 calories daily according to the American Council on Exercise. This will take you one step closer to your fitness goals.

Stop Those Late Night Meals!

Yes, you need to stop it; those, midnight meals. More research is confirming the danger-packed feature of late-night meals. They’ll only add to your stack of fats and create a plethora of unwanted problems along.  

Do the majority of your eating during the day. 

No Dearth of Sleep 

Lack of sleep cannot be excused if you’re on the weight loss program. You need plenty of it. At least 7 – 9 hours of sleep for an adult keeps the body healthy enough to help it regulate calorie consumption. This means that those with a dearth of sleep find it difficult to curtail their rate of consumption. This ultimately negatively impacts their weight loss campaign.

Also, when you have enough sleep, the leptin and ghrelin hormones that are responsible for regulating metabolism and hunger work better.

Make Sure You’re Eating Protein Every Single Day

There is no need to emphasize the importance of breakfast as you already know that it fires up your energy levels helping you burn calories day wide. However, a protein-packed breakfast is your real deal in losing extra calories. 

This is because research has it that high protein breakfasts make you feel full for a longer part of the day thereby lessening the chances of consuming more food during the remaining part of the day.

Diet at home: Lose Weight Without Going To Gym
Diet at home

Drink More Water

The news about the effect of water drinking might just have proliferated around enough to back up this point. For emphasis, though, water is a universal solvent. As a solvent, it is able to aid in the dissolution of some fat solutes and reduce your body’s calorie composition. It now depends on how often you drink and when you drink.  

Drinking water before meals is an excellent way to burn out more calories, study shows. The body needs to keep hydrated before and after meals. Compare it to a blending machine. A blending machine will work better when the blades are moist enough. 

The water optimizes all body processes to ease the weight loss process rather quite naturally.

When next you think of going to the gym to register for a specialized weight loss program, remember that it may not be worth it after all if you can keep the self-discipline to observe the points raised above. 

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