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How to Read Someone’s Call History on iPhone [Official]



How to Read Someone's Call History

Almost all of us want to spy on many of the people around us like our employees, spouses, children and many others. Mainly their call related activities because of their weird behavior like employees remain busy in calling someone but not working and also like children busy in calling someone in odd time but not doing study and spy on spouse’s call history to know either she is cheating on you or not.

And just asking them directly is not suitable at all because they definitely lie if they are cheating on you and it also can ruin your relationship. So the application and site that I am going to suggest you will solve all these problems within five minutes and that person will never know about it.

That site will give you all the information about call history and will make you able to view each and every call that person dial or receive, also the time and date of each call.

Spyier-Viewing Call History of an iPhone User Is Now Possible

How to read someone’s text messages without their phone is now possible and also very easy with Spyier. Spyier can make you able to view the call history of any Person’s using an iPhone, make you able to view with whom your husband or wife is in contact, with whom your daughter or son is talking on call. And to view that either your employ is working or wasting his time on calling someone.

Spyier solution is the most trusted phone spy and is an end to end call tracking site and application. Spyier has many outstanding features and that makes it so special and that’s why it is serving in more than 190 countries. 

Spyier not only works on iPhone it can also works on IOS and android phones and hailing the first priority of most people who want to spy on the call history of their children, partners, spouses and employees.

Why Spyier Is Best and Trusted in Order to Spy on Someone’s Call History

Spyier should be your first choice in order to spy on the call history of someone even if he or she uses an iPhone because there are a lot of features of monitoring the cell phone. 

Not only the call history but it also makes you able to view the location of the target person, spy on other social media apps and many of other features that are all about the monitoring of someone’s cell phone.

There are some amazing features telling how perfectly Spyier actually works, some amazing features are described below :

Fulfills you security needs

Spyier never stores the date of any user, means that it does not spy on your personal information. So there is no need to be worried about your important data. Your data will never be revealed from your device. 

Secret work

Spyier works secretly just like that the target person will never know about. If I talk about the iPhone, if the target person is using an iPhone so there is no need for any physical contact with that iPhone. Spyier will work through the iCloud ID of the target person. Thus Spyier works in a stealth mode.

Spyier for iOS and android phones are also free from device access, it works on any Web browser independently. There is no doubt of catching, the target person will never know about it. Just go ahead and use Spyier.

Spyier iOS solution is free for a limited time so you should not be late so just get access to Spyier.

No Jailbreaking here

Many cell phone monitoring applications usually do the jailbreaking of a target phone that makes the target person alert and make him acknowledged all about it that someone is spying on your cell phone call history.

Unlike these all Spyier does not cause jailbreaking that make it so special.

No other app involved

Other applications on the Internet require many other apps to be installed in your device in order to work on spying that actually waste your time and do nothing, and make your data insecure.

 That is not true with Spyier because it works all the way on it’s dashboard and does not require any app to be installed in your device and makes you able to view all about the call history of someone within just five minutes. 

Easy to use

Spyier is very easy to use, all the processes it does is on it’s dashboard no other applications are involved and do all the work to quickly thus save your precious time. 

How to Use Spyier To View Call History of an iPhone User

All the process is described below in a simple method that can easily be seen that how much it is easy to use:

Step 1-Subscription

First of all you have to buy a monthly subscription in order to get access to the Spyier , there are very affordable plans for you. Check out the various plans on offer on the pricing page you can choose any of that according to your needs.

For example the premium plan in which you can get the time of spying a whole month. Before payment there you would ask for an email address that will be your user name in Spyier for future.

Step 2- Login

After getting a subscription a mail will be sent with your password to your email address that you gave during the subscription. That password would be generated randomly but safe to use and you can change it when you want.

You will also receive another mail with some information guidelines for your better experience. After that all hit the option of “start Monitoring” and proceed ahead.

Step 3- Setup wizards

Then you just have to complete the setup wizards that take too short time.

Step 4- Monitoring

Then you are redirected to the dashboard of Spyier and there you just have to put in iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Then just after you would get the access of the target phone and all information about the call history of the target person would be in front of you.

Step-5 Track call logs

After the above mentioned short stops you will see all about the call history of the target person, including the names and numbers of persons who contacted the target person and not only the names and number but also the time and date of each call along with the duration of that call.

That is how the dashboard will look when the call history of the target person would come on it.


When you try it, I am sure you will be surprised and will thank me because Spyier works in a smart way that it can spy what you want and does it so secretly as the target person will never know about it. I am sure you will never find any application more trusted than Spyier.

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