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A Way To Motivate Yourself To Stay Productive At Home



How To Spark Your Creativity

When Covid-19 first came into our lives nobody knew quite how long it would be around. Over a year on now, people’s spirits and creativity have been dampened. If you can relate to this it might be time to get that spring back in your step and boost your morale. Here are six ways to spark your creativity once again. 

Collaborate And Create With Others

Working at home certainly has its benefits but it has taken its toll on how we work as a team with our colleagues. Collaboration has taken a huge hit with 1 in 4 people experiencing a drop in creativity since they no longer had a way to brainstorm as a team visually. The professionals behind Lucid Spark’s Solution to Remote Work Issues point out that there are ways around this obstacle with the help of a tool that helps teams collaborate by using virtual whiteboards. By using a tool such as this one everyone can put their ideas on the brainstorm and they will never get lost! It encourages collaboration and boosts creativity. So if you think your company could do with a different approach to how they work together then virtual, visual communication methods might be the way forward. 


As humans, it is natural that we all want to strive for perfection. However, perfect does not exist and by striving so hard for it you can end up burnt out and all your creativity sapped. One way to avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism is to experiment! Whether this is in your personal life or your professional life, try to have some fun and think outside of the box. For example, next time you are wondering what to cook for dinner, grab some ingredients and go with your instincts! Cooking is a great way to use up your creativity and even if it all goes wrong, well at least you had fun in the process. Put some music on and turn what might feel like a chore into something enjoyable. 

Make Sure You Are Getting Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is a vital component in how creative you feel. If you are not sleeping enough or not getting enough quality sleep then you will feel fatigued and unfocused. Getting lots of sleep should not be confused with getting quality sleep, as certain behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or spending too much time on your phone can negatively impact your sleep. Try to keep a regular sleeping schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Additionally, try to have a rule where you do not look at screens 30 minutes before going to sleep. This will improve your sleep quality which will help to get those creative juices flowing once again. 

How To Spark Your Creativity

Go Outside

If you spend all day every day cooped up inside, you are going to feel miserable and uninspired. Going outside even for just 5 to 10 minutes can make a world of difference for your mental health. Try allocating time each day to go outside either for a walk, a run, bike ride, or even to go pick up a coffee. Taking in the fresh air will help spark your creativity as a change of scenery from time to time is crucial in fighting off boredom. 

Do not underestimate the importance of going outside each day, it helps to keep your mental health in a good way, and the better your mental health the more energy you will have for expressing creativity. 

Learn A New Skill

You might find that you have more time on your hands now, whether you have been put on furlough or perhaps you have gained more time because you no longer have to commute to work. Either way, it is a good idea to put this extra time to good use. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult like trying to become a professional pianist, but instead, you could take up painting or try to learn the basics of a new language. There are plenty of language apps, such as Babbel and Duolingo that make learning a language easier than ever before. Whatever skill you want to give a go, try and set aside a minimum of ten minutes each day to do it. This will quickly become a habit and doing something other than your day-to-day routine will help you feel inspired again. 

Read Or Listen To A Book

One thing that often gets put on the back burner is reading that book you have sitting on your bedside table. It can be hard to get the time to read for fun, but research has consistently shown that reading has a profound effect on increasing creativity levels. Alternatively, you could listen to an audiobook or a podcast while going for a walk or while making dinner that way it is easier to fit into your daily routine. 

We are living a strange time, however, it is in these small acts that we can help both our physical and mental wellbeing. By following the tips stated above, you can still remain creative even while you’re at home.

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