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How to Track a Cheating Spouse? Future Tech 2021



Track a Cheating Spouse

Is your partner stepping out? Pay attention to those potential signs of infidelity. While looking for evidence, people usually access spy apps. Those secretive smartphone apps track everything from what a person does to where the person goes. Cheating Spouse Tracker is one of the efficient sources to track your Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Just visit on your web browser to get this app. It lets you track all the details including GPS location, Text messages, call logs, emails, pictures in Gallery, Whatsapp chats, Skype video calls, FB messenger chats, Tinder chat history, browsing history and more. Currently, it costs $14.16 per month and $169.9 per year. Before purchasing the annual package, it is advisable to purchase the monthly package to test out the features. Once you’re satisfied with the features, you can go for the annual plan.

To track your Spouse, you need to install the spyware on their device. If they’re an iOS user, you can installed it without touching their device. By knowing their iCloud credentials, you can install the spyware without using the device.

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If he/she is an Android user, you can’t install the app without touching their device. While registering, you will get the setup wizard to install the app on Android mobiles or tablets.

After installing the app, follow these steps to track your Cheating spouse:

Step 1: Log in to the online version with the credentials that used while registering.

Step 2: Navigate to the Control panel on your Dashboard.

Step 3: You will have all the information about your better half’s smartphone.

Step 4: Tap the respective menu to track the respective data.

For example, tap Call Logs to track the incoming and outgoing calls history.

Track a Cheating Spouse

Features of Cheating Spouse Tracker

Here are some of the major highlights Cheating Spouse Tracker:

#1: You can check the installed apps on your spouse’s smartphone.

#2: You can track all the messages which are sent through Whatsapp, FB messenger, Instagram and even default messaging app.

#3: You can check their online activities by tracking their browsing history.

#4: By tracking their GPS location, you can find out where they are going and how long they’re staying in a single location.

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