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How to Enable/Turn on Telegram Dark Mode



Telegram Dark mode

Telegram is an instant messaging platform founded in 2013. Telegram has 5OO million active users and 1 billion downloads worldwide. It has a total of five data centers in five different regions. Recently Telegram is reported to have over 70 million new users due to disruption in the services of Facebook and Whatsapp. There are a lot of features provided by Telegram. You can share audio, video, documents, and pictures with others. You also have an option for both audio and video calls. The dark mode is one of the features provided by Telegram. You can use this option to protect your eyesight.

How to Turn on Telegram Dark Mode [Android & iPhone]

The following steps are applicable to both the Android and iOS versions of the Telegram application.

1. Open the Telegram application on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on the Menu option from the upper left corner.

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3. Tap on the Settings from the menu.

Tap on Settings.

4. Select the Chat Settings menu.

Tap on the Chat Settings.

5. Navigate to the Color theme section and then select the Dark option.

Select the Dark option on Telegram

6. Now, you have enabled Dark mode on the Telegram app.

How to Turn on Telelegram Dark Mode on PC

1. Install the Telegram application on your PC. You can get the Telegram installer file for your PC from its official site.

2. Launch the Telegram app and log in to your account. Then, click on the Menu option from the upper left corner.

Telegram Dark Mode on PC

3. Tap the toggle located next to the Night Mode option.

4. The dark theme will be enabled on the Telegram app instantly.

5. To revert it back, click the menu icon again and turn off the night mode.

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Dark Mode on Telegram Web

While using the Telegram web version, follow the steps mentioned for the desktop. Instead of the Night Mode toggle, you need to enable the Dark Mode toggle.

Dark mode will protect your vision while using your Telegram app on mobile or PC in the nighttime. You can follow the above steps to turn on Dark mode on InstagrHowever, it. It is advisable to turn off the dark mode in light conditions. Share your comments and feedback in the comments section.

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