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How to Use Video Marketing To Build Your Brand



How to Use Video Marketing

Having an instantly recognizable brand can do wonders for your business’s growth. But you cannot hope to popularize the brand without making adequate efforts for video marketing. It is a good idea for businesses to connect with the masses and keep the brand noticeable on social media platforms in today’s world. However, you will need to do more than just circulating the same pictures emphasizing the same business tagline. You will need to think of ways to harness the power of video marketing to make an impact today. Check out features like TikTok and IGTV to take advantage of unique opportunities that will catapult your brand straight to the top.

Creating a video is not too difficult, but showcasing the content perfectly can be a tall order, especially when you have limited time to spare. Quality content is the key to a good video, and you can achieve this even without hiring a professional videographer. All you need to do is use your smartphone to record a video and choose an easy-to-use online video editor to turn it into a wonderful, high-quality video capable of capturing attention instantly.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer before going ahead with video marketing to establish your brand:


You have to master the basics and have a good idea of what it means to build your brand before you go ahead with video marketing. Your brand is not restricted to a logo or a tagline alone. Remember, it is your brand that tells a story to gain the attention of the target audience. Instead, you have to communicate with the end-user on all possible points, creating a lasting impression in the process. Use the video to let the viewer understand what your brand stands for and how it conforms to your brand’s ideals and values. The video you create must convey your words even when you choose to stay silent. Every action and lack of it thereof speaks volumes about your brand. And that is indeed the best way to communicate!


When it comes to video marketing, it is vital to be clear about the “why” of your business. Think about why you are offering such products or services. Think about what kind of message you want to convey to your customers.  Reach out to the target audience by sharing your ideas and objectives with prospective customers. Build an interesting narrative around your brand to pique their curiosity so that they are willing to spend money for the experience.


Video is a versatile medium that you can use to achieve your goals. You can create an informative video or an educational one to generate interest. Likewise, entertaining videos will keep your target audience hooked, with the underlying message being sent loud and clear. Here are some tried and tested video marketing ideas for effective brand building:

  • Thought Leadership – Many influencers gained popularity and a huge fan following by using this simple trick. Pick any topic that appeals to you and create a video that portrays the details effectively. Showcase the current trends, or answer queries that will enable your viewers to go through the video repeatedly. Make the videos easy to understand by explaining the salient points as closely as possible. Once it is viewed and shared by your followers, you stand to gain popularity that establishes you and the brand as an authority.
  • Novel Ideas/Skills – Statistics reveal that more than half of the YouTube viewers are interested in learning something new by watching videos. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your skills and offer tips to the end-user in the most innovative manner. Use an enticing name to highlight your brand. The popularity of the brand is enhanced well and truly once it is shared on social media platforms. Simply focus on your strengths and share the know-how. Create, and edit a simple “how-to” video for best results.

Ideas that Work

Don’t worry if you are a small business and have to work with a limited budget or time constraints. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money on fancy equipment either. You can get started with video marketing even with a simple smartphone with a good camera and a good online video editor. You can begin right away using any of the following ideas:

  • Thank-You Video– Make sure to create a small ‘Thank You’ video, and post it on the social media page whenever an individual decides to follow you on Instagram, or retweets your ideas, or even likes your Facebook post. You will be floored by the positive response for the brand instantly. What’s more? You can expect to build up a relationship and transform them into loyal customers very quickly.
  • Updates Video– It is a good idea to add to your story by sharing updates about how far you have progressed since the brand’s inception. You do not need to be a tech whiz to create videos that will have the viewers hooked. Use a smartphone camera to record the video, and make sure to post it on multiple social media sites.
  • Demo Videos – Contemplate the core issue behind the brand. You can grab eyeballs by posting demo videos regularly that show off the products/services aptly. Revealing the right way to use a product can help you to generate a buzz. You may emphasize why it is a major talking point, perhaps even show a funny video of almost everyone using the product incorrectly. 

Moreover, you do not have to pay staggering fees to get a celebrity to endorse the product, either. You can easily demonstrate the product yourself or have any of your employees do it. Unboxing videos work fantastically as well. Additionally, you can take the help of an end-user to make the demonstration. People find an instant connection when ordinary folks such as themselves reveal how easy it is to use the product/service, thus corroborating the brand’s value.


Brand building is a time-consuming process. You cannot expect instant results. Enjoy the video marketing experience, and have fun doing it. The results will become evident in time.

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