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Most Popular Game Categories In iTunes



Game Categories In iTunes

Games have been and most likely always will be the most popular app category on the iTunes store. Game apps are the most popular in terms of the revenue generated, the time spent on them, the highest number of downloads and are the most active apps on the iTunes app store.

The Top 5 Most Popular Game Categories in the iTunes App Store

Games are currently popular in every almost every culture and with the technology boom and the increase in mobile phones, as well as increased demand for an ‘on the go’ busy lifestyle, the popularity of mobile gaming, has soared. The current top 5 game categories for mobile apps in the iTunes app store are:

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are an excellent source of entertainment for adults and children alike. Everyone loves something to get their brain working. Puzzle games are the most popular type of game you can find in the iTunes app store and help develop skills in patience, concentration, reflexes, shape recognition, memory and provide an overwhelming sense of achievement when you complete the puzzle.

Arcade Games

First made popular by being played in large cabinets back in the 1980’s arcade games are still very much a popular choice when it comes to the iTunes store. Now played in a small, handheld box-like device, arcade-like games are being remade and remastered for mobile app gaming.

Action Games

Action has always been a popular genre when it comes to gaming, so why would it be any different when it comes to mobile gaming categories? There is a wealth of action games to choose from on the iTunes store, everything from FPS to role-playing and strategy games are available.

Family Games

Everyone loves a little family completion, hence why family games rank at number 4 in the top gaming categories on iTunes. You can find everything from trivia to monopoly on the iTunes app store to enjoy with your friends and family.

Education Games

At number five, educational games are a popular choice of a mobile game to have on your phone. You can discover everything suitable for children and adults. Find games such as hangman and Pictionary which are classed as educational mobile games that can be found on the iTunes store designed to help you learn on the go.

A Rising Star

One thing that is for sure, is that social casino apps are growing in popularity. Social casino apps allow the user to experience the flashing lights of the casino without having to even leave their home. In fact, with some mobile casino app games, you don’t even need to spend a single penny.

Why risk your money when you can have the enjoyment of playing in the casino without cash? Social casino apps are a great risk-free way to play casino games such as slot machines and many more of your favorite casino games. Mobile casino apps are ranking increasingly higher on the iTunes app store gaming categories.

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