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Questions to Ask During Interview When You Hire Vue.js programmer



Questions to Ask During Interview

Finding the right person for your Vue js project is challenging. There are plenty of people out there, all of whom will claim that they will be the right fit. But before you hire a Vue.js programmer, you should prepare with some questions, in order to test their capabilities.

What to consider before you hire Vuejs developer?

Question #1 – Recent Projects

The first question you should ask your potential Vue js developer is about their recent projects. With the high demand for Vue js developers, they will probably be dabbling with the newest technology in town. And suppose you are lucky enough to find a developer with extensive Vue js development experience. In that case, that person has probably been working on many kinds of projects — giving your brand a wider range of expertise and skills to work with.

Question #2 Front-end experience

If you want to hire a Vue.js programmer, they should have a variety of front-end development skills and a solid understanding of JavaScript and its ecosystem. They should also be comfortable with HTML and CSS, making them ideal for building modular and reusable components in the Vue.js framework.

Question #3 Testimonials

Every business wants to work with someone who will bring them great results. Finding a top-notch Vue.js developer means hiring an experienced and effective professional who has been vetted by previous employers. With each positive review, you can feel more confident that the developer will do well for your business, too. Since everyone’s an “expert” on the Internet, many people are selling Vue.js programming services. But true experts have testimonials under their belt.

Question #4 Why Vue.Js over other front-end frameworks

When you hire Vue developers, you should ask them why they have chosen Vue.js, instead of React and Angular.

Choosing a technology stack is very important for developers who want to build scalable and quick applications. Popular frameworks include Angular, React, and Vue.js. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when choosing one, it’s essential to know the trade-offs each choice entails — especially if you want your app to be competitive down the road.

Vue.js is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to reinvent the wheel. The framework can be easily integrated into existing projects, adapting to all of your needs. With a focus on simplicity, Vue.js can suit any project — from straightforward legacy applications to ambitious new startups — and even large-scale enterprise solutions.

Question #5 Price

You probably want to hire a Vue js developer that will meet your budget. According to Glassdoor, Vue.js developers in the US make over $87,000 annually.

Depending on your place of living, you can hire local developers or you can opt for freelancers or agencies.

Local developers

The idea of having your own in-house developers might sound appealing, but it also adds a considerable amount to the overall company budget. Apart from high salaries, you’ll have to pay for additional benefits, such as additional healthcare or a sports card.

Hire Vue.js programmer from a freelance platform

Vue.js freelancers are the most affordable option, especially at the beginning of a project when you’re looking for someone to build out your basic application. However, they may not always be the best bet — because of the extra work needed to control them and get useful results, Vue.js freelancers often end up costing more than in-house developers in the long run.

Outstaffing agency

Outstaffing is a great way to get things done, even if you think you’re not sure about what job you want to be done. Not only does it make sure that the job will be completed well, but it also gets it done at a lower cost than hiring staff. With outstaffing, you have access to the best of both worlds: the low price of freelance work and the experience of working with skilled professionals.


In summary, it is vital to ask your developer questions before hiring them. Be cautious of what work they have done previously and how much they charge. Avoid taking a risk with an inexperienced freelancer or someone who does not fit your budget. After all, you want to hire a Vue.js programmer who will act as per your expectations, rather than putting your faith into “wildcard recruitment”.

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