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Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire a Telephone Answering Service



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An answering service is a company that agrees to assume the full responsibility of taking the phone on your behalf. A high-quality professional answering service can present your business in a positive light to all your customers and competitors alike. With a job well done, they will improve your brand image and increase customer satisfaction and retention. 

While it may seem difficult at first to trust your business calls into the hands of someone else, you will soon see that the answering service does its best to represent your business well not only to please you and your customers but also to increase their service ratings for other businesses. 

They always put in their best and there will be no need to worry. As a growing business, you should outsource your call takings to an answering service, and here is why:

Answering Services Are Cheaper To Use

If you were considering hiring a full-time receptionist, then stop. The professionals at Connect Communications Services suggest getting a quality answering service you can trust to help with your communication needs. This kind of service is more cost-efficient than hiring a full-time receptionist. You won’t have to worry about taxes, and there are no wasted office spaces.

What’s more? You won’t have to worry about paying a week’s salary. The answering services only charge you for the number of minutes you used; allowing you to make a better budget. You can better utilize your capital and invest in areas that will create more revenue for your business.

Answering Services Give Your Business The Illusion Of Size 

The answering service is a  virtual assistant that provides your business some form of legitimacy and the illusion of size. With the professionality in taking and responding over the line, you’ll be able to have and maintain a good brand perception. All you need to do is hand the scripts for the many services you offer and what to say and whatnot. With your virtual receptionist, you can maintain any brand voice and personality that you may have already created earlier.

Answering Services Work Faster 

Answering service agents are trained professionals. They are way better than your traditional receptionist. They answer calls and gather information at a faster pace without compromising quality. Also, an answering service works with a lot of call specialists and can handle multiple calls at the same time. At the end of any call, a summary of the call is passed as a message immediately to a representative or group within your company for prompt action. There is always a crucial need for swift exchange of information between answering services and their clients in order to keep the business relationship between them solid. 

Answering Services Lighten The Workload 

Division of labor is a proven way for a business to grow and expand. When tasks such as responding to telephone calls are delegated to a different person in this case a telephone service, you will inadvertently lighten the workload on current staff and shift focus to more demanding tasks such as productions and/or marketing.

Dealing with incessant inbound calls can be heavily time-consuming. It doesn’t make sense paying physical staff to sit at calls all day long with little impact on productions.

A telephone answering service can filter calls and forward only those requiring your immediate responses thus reducing distractions. With a telephone answering service, you and your team will only concentrate on business growth.

Answering Services Offer Better Quality Customer Service 

Answering Services offers quality customer service. When you use an answering service, you can rest assured that your customers will receive quality customer service all the time. Answering services always use a strict work ethics code and consistently monitor their employees using detailed guidelines. This way they guarantee quality and superior service all the time.

With an answering service, you would be able to extend your business hours. It won’t be 8 – 6. Answering services are usually 24/7 active, working even on major holidays like Christmas, New Years’, and Labor Day, etc. 

With this feature, your business will keep on serving clients even with closed doors and you won’t be paying any extra fees for late-night shifts. The regular “Not Available Now” inscription will no longer be of effect.

You don’t have to miss another call. Remember that each call your business receives is actually an opportunity for its expansion. Think on using a 24/7 live telephone answering service from now onwards. They’ll keep your business up and doing call-wise. It’s a partnership you’ll never cease to enjoy.

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