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SEO: 4 Things You Should Know About It



Important SEO Tips

If you run a business, then you know how important your online presence is. In the digital era, instead of asking older people day-to-day life questions like we used to do, we go straight to Google and search for anything we need at any time. Search engines provide information about (almost) anything. Taking this into account, companies have been struggling to occupy the first positions in those engines by providing answers to those questions.

Once the site or blog starts to be well-known, it gains authority in the market, receives more visitors, and increases the conversion rates. This is why SEO became one of the main digital marketing strategies: It aims to achieve good organic rankings by generating traffic for a site or blog. 

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, in short, SEO, is a set of techniques that aim to improve the visibility of a web page in online search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

SEO involves not only writing a text that is appealing for readers (using several relevant keywords), but also creating personalized URLs, management of Inbound and Outbound links, site structure, HTML code, meta description, and several other activities. For a web page to appear on a search engine like Google, it needs to be “read” by robots — known as crawlers. SEO is the technique that presents that web page to those crawlers that will later show this page on researches according to the user’s needs and experiences. 

1. Keywords Are Important 

Keywords should be seen as clues of what are the needs and interests of a certain group of people. These clues allow marketers to build their strategies accordingly. Sometimes people think including keywords are the only thing you need to improve the SEO. However, this is one of several pillars that build an SEO strategy. Keywords should be used wisely in order to bring results. Including several keywords in your text that are not relevant to your niche, it will not work. Finding the best keyword fit for your texts is not an easy job. According to the team at Excite Media, it’s important to have a platform that will help facilitate this process for your business by providing guidance in this regard. This platform should provide the user several tools to optimize their marketing strategy, it teaches you basic and advanced techniques to improve the brand’s web presence through a well-structured SEO. 

2. SEO And Content Marketing Are Interlinked 

It is important to point out that SEO and content marketing are not the same, they sometimes overlap. SEO demands content, and content marketing specifically targets it. Although content marketing is not the only method to provide SEO content, marketers have been increasingly using this strategy. This is because people are overwhelmed with advertising. Content marketing provides actual relevant content to people without persuading them to purchase a product. With this kind of strategy, known as Inbound Marketing, clients come in a more ‘natural’ way.  

3. SEO Is Also About Images 

It is not efficient to optimize an SEO text and forget to do the same to the images. To be shown on search engines’ images, it is necessary to include an ‘Alt text’ in your image. In short, it should be included the main keywords of your text as the image subtitle and description. 

4. It Needs To Be Written For People Not Only Search Engines

When talking about SEO, it is necessary to emphasize the need to work with the search engines in your favor. However, we cannot forget that there are people behind the screens. This means that your content needs to be relevant, valuable, and trustable. Otherwise, you might be shown as the first link on Google, but people will not be interested in your product, and at some point, the crawlers will understand that that content is not relevant.

Search engines are aware of people’s needs, actions, and interests, when providing real content to the users, search engines will reward you by showing your text, video, or image to people that are related to that niche.

SEO is not only about positioning a web page on top of search engine rankings, it must direct users to relevant and useful content. As it has been emphasized, several things must be considered to obtain real results through SEO strategies. Good quality SEO implementation is beneficial for every business. A well-structured SEO strategy can bring more credibility to the brand. Web presence allows people to get to know your product, as the visibility is increased, the conversion rates grow.

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