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Smartwatches: 3 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting One




With the constant evolution of technology, many gadgets have improved our lifestyle considerably. Watches nowadays don’t just tell time, as they became “smarter” and equipped with various features. Smartwatches became extremely popular in the last few years as they are an extension of smartphones. Some people say that smartwatches are a waste of money; maybe they were right 10 years ago, but since then, smartwatches have improved dramatically. These wearable devices are not a necessity at the time being, but they offer various benefits that soon enough they will become a necessity. If you are considering buying a smartwatch, here are 3 reasons to show you what smartwatches can do for you.

They Track Your Fitness Levels

Fitness is essential for anyone to stay healthy and active. There are fitness trackers in the market such as Fitbit and Garmin which track your steps, heartbeat, and sleep. Some smartwatches do the same and in some cases, even more. Imagine having a personal trainer on your wrist that will remind you to stand up during the day if you sit down for too long,  encourages you to walk your daily 10,000 steps, and much more. That’s what sophisticated smartwatches do and you can also download fitness apps to the watch to personalize your fitness goals. Additionally, they can track the calories you have burnt and your pulse rate when you exercise, and some of them are waterproof that are perfect for swimmers. Fitness trackers can do the same tasks but they lack other features, while smartwatches are much more customizable so you can use them for fitness tracking and other purposes. They might even save your life in some situations. For example, if your heart rate became irregularly high or low, such wearable technology will ask you if you feel alright, and if you didn’t answer after some time, they will call 911.

They Are an Extension of Phone Functions

Smartwatches get connected to smartphones using apps designed for the watches. Once you connect your smartwatch to your phone, you will be able to do a lot of the phone’s functions from the watch. Keep in mind that some features are not present in some smartwatches, so the team at advises you to check the features of a smartwatch before buying it. You can take calls through your watch if it’s equipped with speakers and a mic, and even respond to texts by using your voice. You can check your notifications easily through your smartwatch as well and respond to them if the option is available. If you are running around the park and listening to music, you can change the track, play or pause, and other similar options from your watch easily. You can send a command to your phone to keep ringing if you misplace it around the house. The watch will vibrate to tell you when to turn left or right while the navigation app is running, and this feature is essential to prevent you from looking at the phone while driving. You can check the weather, access the calculator, and various other utilities right from your watch.


As smartwatches have more advanced features, some of the new features may sound strange. If you come across any unfamiliar feature or you need to keep yourselves updated with new smartwatches and their new features, superwatches guide you with simplified and detailed reviews and guides on different brands of smartwatches.


Easy Payment Options

The newest smartwatches are equipped with payment options via Google Pay, Apple Pay, or other payment apps. They have the NFC functionality that allows you to pay for anything by waving your watch in front of any terminals that have the contactless payments symbol. You only have to connect your watch with your payment cards to use this feature. These smartwatches work offline as well, which means that you don’t have to keep your phone close to you to make any purchase. This feature will keep your valuables safe such as your phone, wallet, and money. If you are in a shady neighborhood, you won’t need to take out your wallet or phone anymore, as you can quickly use your watch. If you are playing sports, you can stop to buy a bottle of water while your bag is safe in the locker with all your valuables.

Smartwatches are being equipped with more features constantly, and the newer the model is, the more features you will have on your wrist. However, make sure that the watch you are considering is compatible with your phone, as some watches work on a specific operating system. Keep into consideration that you need to recharge the watch frequently. Additionally, smartwatches don’t replace your phone, they only integrate with it to make accessing its functions easier. If you found the above reasons interesting, then smartwatches are definitely for you.

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