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Tech-Based Solutions That Will Make HR Departments More Efficient and Productive



HR Management Tips

In this tech-driven world, companies are picking up technological solutions to boost their sales and make their mark in today’s competitive market. One such department that needs a serious upgrade is Human Resources. Since HR managers are obliged to manage day-to-day schedules, supervise payrolls, and look after the employees, they may feel overwhelmed at some point. To make things easier for them, consider incorporating some effective tech-based solutions for your HR managers. Here are some tech-based solutions to make HR management easier, productive, and more efficient. 

ESS Portal 

ESS, or Employee Self-Service portal is a digital tool used by HR managers and employees to check and update their schedule, leaves, or meetings within a few seconds. In the past, the inability to manage employees was quite common among HR managers. Keeping track of each employee and individually informing them about their workforce changes was nerve-wracking, which ultimately affected the company’s progress. However, with time, ESS portals are available for HR departments that can easily update the schedules and reach their employees within no time. 

From scheduling to payroll, this digital tool integrates multiple services that make life easier for HR managers. Some portals also provide the option of customizing the services according to their company policies. The need of the hour is to provide enough freedom to employees as it helps them work at their pace and produce successful results. This will also help the company retain valuable employees and recruit talent. If your company lacks an ESS portal, building an in-house tool is highly recommended as it gives more autonomy and freedom to customize as the HR department prefers. 

HR Management Software

Several HR managers who are used to working on this tool swear by its potency and flexibility. From scheduling tasks to analyzing the company’s performance, this tool is a one-stop solution to all HR-related issues. Due to its diligence, efficiency, and reliability, a human services software program has turned into a necessity today. In fact, some HR departments are no longer able to work without deploying HR management software. 

Other useful services include documenting tasks, creating a billing module, building custom reports, creating forms, and scheduling meetings. Some software programs also allow managers to create treatment plans for their employees and coordinate with healthcare providers. As mentioned, it has become necessary for companies to get this software program to visualize and analyze data that can massively impact their working pattern. 

AI and Machine Learning Technology

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and infiltrating every discipline. It has also recently been introduced in the field of Human Resources, helping managers recruit employees, manage tasks, and deliver services. AI and machine learning are widely popular as it is more relatable to the real world and relevant tests. However, certain setbacks such as lawsuits and the inability to operate tools using AI are a bit challenging.

Since AI is still under development, the application of this technology has wider implications. In fact, AI technologists believe that more than 50% of big and small companies will resort to artificial intelligence within the coming 10 years. AI will become an integral part of the day-to-day activities and managers will completely rely on this technology to retrieve workforce analytics. With time, HR will tap AI models to gain information on macroeconomic trends, leadership management, and stock performance. Meanwhile, it will be perceived and adopted in a broader sense and timeline. 

Health Monitoring Equipment 

One of the most underrated yet important tasks of HR managers includes monitoring the health of employees. However, not all managers pay attention to it. In the end, the company ends up losing valuable employees. Some employees even file a workers compensation case to receive money due to poor physical and mental health caused by the company’s lack of health monitoring. Specific emphasis should be placed on mental health as overworking or pressure to fulfill commitments can put employees under stress. This, in turn, can deteriorate their mental health..

HR Management Tips

A health monitoring tool can help HR managers monitor their employees’ mental health and ensure their well-being. They are equipped with questions and surveys that reflect the mental state of each employee along with their sickness absence and health incidence data. If, in case, any employee is diagnosed with stress or other hidden mental issues, they are offered solutions to treat the issue at the earliest. 

If you run a business with a dedicated HR department, it is high time you deploy one of these solutions to enhance your employees’ performance, build credibility, and boost sales. It is even more necessary if you handle your business alone and don’t have a dedicated HR team or manager yet. By integrating one or more of these cutting-edge technologies, you can get an edge over your competitor as well.

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