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Tips And Tricks On How To Improve Efficiency And Stay On Top



How To Improve Efficiency

As the last year has shifted the way we work dramatically, companies have begun to reflect and evaluate the most effective way to work. As you figure out the best ways to stay on top and improve productivity and efficiency, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

How To Improve Efficiency


Delegation seems like a pretty basic tip but is not implemented nearly as much as it probably should. It is very normal to want to do everything yourself because you think you are best placed to do it and you might feel a little protective over your company. However, this might not be the most efficient way to tackle tasks. Begin building up trust with others and allow qualified individuals to take on tasks that would free up your time whilst also increasing efficiency. Building trust between the team is super important to improving efficiency.

Delegation helps everyone stay on top of work and the more comfortable everyone is with delegating tasks to qualified individuals, the more efficient work is carried out.

Set Goals

Goal setting individually and as a team helps everyone ensure they are maintaining the same vision. Clearly define goals so that everyone is working towards the same aim. The more focused everyone is, the more efficient the team will work. Ensure that the goals are realistic and can be achieved in a timely manner. You don’t want to set unattainable goals as people will not be motivated by this instead it will increase stress and probably decrease efficiency.

Once goals have been set, set up a system to track them effectively. As the name suggests, this helps keep everyone on track. Ensure though you take into account everyone’s capacity.


Training can sometimes appear to be a waste of time and money, however, taking extra days or hours out of a working day can improve efficiency in the long run. Providing focused training that helps the team carry out their work to a higher quality is a great use of time. You might want to ensure that employee training and development is a focus as this helps individuals to grow and develop their skills. The more advanced their skill set, the more efficient they will be in the workplace.

Communication System

As the way we communicate has shifted dramatically, the need for an efficient communication system has increased. The easier it is for everyone to manage their workload, the more productive they can be. Technology plays a huge role in the way we have evolved as a workforce. It is important to use one that supports your workload, and the software management professionals at Brightflag recommend using online software to eliminate low-value tasks to make more informed decisions. An effective system that helps your team automate tasks, communicate better, and centralize information, is important to stay on top of tasks and projects.

Set Clear Expectations 

The best way to have tasks carried out effectively is to clearly define expectations. Unclear expectations will leave individuals confused and will probably lead to low-quality work or work that misses the mark. Outline the most important tasks for them to carry out then set out roughly how long it might take them to complete it, as well as explain the level and quality of the work you want. Once you have set clear expectations, give them the freedom to carry out the work. Guiding them this way creates a culture of trust and allows them to carry out the work in whatever way works for them.

Ensure roles are also clearly defined so that individuals are aware of what they are responsible for.


Everyone’s been to those meetings that appear entirely pointless and consist of meaningless talking. However, changing the way meetings are run can improve productivity in a big way. Firstly, ensure that meetings are only held if absolutely necessary. Encourage people to send out a clear, detailed email before setting up a meeting. If a meeting is necessary then it should be set up with a clear agenda, talking points, and outcome. At the end of the meeting, everyone should know what the takeaway of the meeting is.

How To Improve Efficiency

Use these tips and tricks to ensure everyone in the workplace is creative, productive, and stays on top of their workload. It can be easy to allow time to get away from everyone especially when there are no clear expectations, goals, or communication. Staying on top of everything requires ensuring everyone is trained, focused, and able to communicate effectively. As teams and work evolve, so should the way things are done in the workplace in order to keep up with the times.

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