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Understanding The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases



Understanding Personal Injury Cases

When accidents happen in life, you sometimes need to call a personal injury lawyer. Fires, car accidents, and medical mistakes are accidents that can happen to anyone. These accidents can sometimes have terrible financial ramifications. The important thing to remember is that you can get through whatever life throws at you with a good personal injury lawyer. But before you can call an attorney, you need to do a little research. Knowing what kind of case you’re going to be filling is a good start. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of personal injury cases.

Accidents in the workplace

One of the most common causes of personal injury happens at the workplace. Whether you’re a manual labor worker, someone who works in a dangerous environment, you can qualify for a personal injury case. Anyone can have an accident at work. In almost all cases, injuries sustained at the workplace can be addressed and claimed by the employer’s insurance company. Most companies have a mandatory insurance plan funded by employees to cover any expenses for sustained injuries. If your company does not have this, don’t worry, there are other legal and financial options available to you. 

Motor vehicle accidents

For the average person, motor vehicle-related accidents are the most common type of personal injury cases. Because of their frequency, when filing this type of case, it’s important to find a lawyer that has the necessary background in these types of cases. Personal injury attorneys at Kerley Schaffer say that doing in-depth research before deciding to file a case always adds up to good results. Research is essential if you want to have a successful settling for your case. Car accidents, negligent drivers, and car malfunctions all qualify for this type of case. Millions of people around the world suffer from motor vehicle-related accidents every year. Whether you’re a driver, passenger, or innocent pedestrian, you can be compensated for your loss.

Medical malpractice 

Medical malpractice is a common cause of thousands of injuries every year. Doctors are people too, but when they make serious mistakes regarding your health, it can be a problem. Negligence on behalf of medical staff, doctors, or hospitals can result in serious and expensive injuries. Whether you had an allergic reaction treatment, or your surgeon messed up, you are entitled to claim for this kind of personal injury. These kinds of cases require specific evidence. Evidence of rule-breaking, negligence, or inappropriate actions during treatment is essential. Situations like misdiagnosis and failure or refusal to diagnose can qualify as well.

Product liability or malfunction

These types of cases happen when someone has sustained injuries from a product or its side effects. Faulty, defective, or malfunctioning products can cause serious injuries. These injuries can be filed as product liability cases. Whether the product in question is a children’s toy, an electronic device, or a skincare product you can be compensated for your losses. If the consumer was not made aware of any possible defects or side effects of a product and sustained an injury you can file this kind of case as well. Defects in design or expectations made by the product manufacturer can also qualify.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall cases can happen to anyone. If you slip and/or fall and sustain any kind of injury on private or public property, you may be entitled to compensation. With these kinds of personal injury cases, the validity of your claim mostly comes down to the safety of the workplace or environment. If the floor was wet and you were not made aware of it, you can qualify. If the stairs, steps, or floors were not up to standards and resulted in you sustaining an injury, you can qualify. A slip and fall case is strengthened if the environment or property has proven to be unsafe or dangerous to others as well.  

Wrongful death

The last and most unfortunate type of personal injury case on this list is wrongful death. These types of cases are reserved for when the negligence of others results in someone’s untimely death. When filing wrongful death cases, you open up avenues for more recovery options than with non-fatal accident cases. These types of cases are treated differently. Wrongful death cases are filed by the survivors of the accident, not the victim. The survivors in these cases are known as “real parties in interest”.  If someone has died as a result of any of the above-mentioned cases, or something else altogether, you can qualify for this kind of case.

Personal injury cases are terrible and unfortunate cases to file. When accidents happen, and you want to be compensated for them, you need to know the basics first. When filing these cases, remember that you need to do a little research beforehand into both your case and your lawyer. 

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