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VLC Dark Mode – How to Enable it on Android, iOS & PC



VLC Dark Mode

VLC is a free and open-source media player which you can use to play all kind of video and audio files. You can also use this player to play IPTV and other online content. The media player is available on popular devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In general, VLC doesn’t come with dark skin, so that you have to enable the dark mode within the settings. Enabling dark mode in VLC will reduce the eye strain while watching videos in low light conditions. It also helps the users to maintain the battery life.

How to Enable Dark Mode on VLC

The steps to enable dark mode on VLC will differ from one platform to another platform. The following section will display the procedure for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms.

VLC Dark Mode on Android

{1} Go to the Apps section on your Android device.

{2} Open VLC media player and press the Menu icon on its home screen.

{3} Click the Settings option on the VLC media player.

VLC Dark Mode on Android

{4} Scroll down and click Interface under the Extra settings section.

VLC Dark Mode on Android

{5} Now, click the DayNight mode option.

Daylight Mode on VLC

{6} Select the Black theme mode and it will enable the night mode on VLC player.

Black theme on VLC
  • DayNight mode – Switch between the day and night theme automatically.
  • Follow system mode – It will follow your Android settings.

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VLC Dark Mode on iPhone/iPad

{1} Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

{2} Go to the Display & Brightness menu.

{3} Under the APPEARANCE section, choose the Dark menu.

VLC Dark Mode on iPhone/iPad

{4} Now, open VLC media player and it will open with the dark theme.

VLC Dark Mode on Windows/Mac PC

{1} From the official website of the VLC, select any dark skin theme (eDark VLC) and download it on your device.

{2} Open VLC media player on your PC.

{3} Click the Tools option on the menu bar of the player.

{4} Choose Preferences from the expanded menu.

VLC Preferences

{5} Click the Interface option at the top left side of the Simple preferences window.

{6} Under Interface Settings, choose Use Custom Skin.

VLC Interface Settings

{7} Tap on Choose to browse the location in which the downloaded file is saved.

{8} Finally, click the Save button and quit the VLC player.

VLC Dark Mode on Windows/Mac PC

{9} Relaunch the player and it will be open with dark background.

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As the PC version of VLC doesn’t support the feature natively, you have to install a dark skin on your media player to enable it. If you want to share any query or feedback related to this guide, use the comments section below.

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