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Effective VLC Media Player Shortcuts and Hotkeys



VLC Shortcuts

VLC is a reliable media player to watch all kinds of media content on your Windows or macOS computers. Like other apps on your computer, VLC also has some shortcuts and hotkeys for effective media playback. You can use those shortcuts to access all the features of VLC without the help of a mouse. If you’re a new VLC user, you may not know all the shortcuts. Hence, we have created this article to list out all the shortcuts for VLC Media Player.

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FView video in full screen
EscExit the full-screen video mode
SpacePlay or pause the video
VEnable/disable subtitles for your video
BSelect an audio track (if your video has multiple languages)
Ctrl + Arrow up/downIncrease or decrease the volume
Shift + Arrow left/rightForward or backward your video by 3 seconds
Alt + Arrow left/rightForward or backward your video by 10 seconds
Ctrl + Arrow left/rightForward or backward your video by 1 minute
Ctrl + DLaunch the disc menu
Ctrl + FOpen the browser folder
Ctrl + OOpen a single file
Ctrl + RAdvanced open file
MMute or unmute the audio
PPlay the video from the beginning
SStop the video completely
[]Increase or decrease the video playback by 0.1x
=Bring the video playback to 1.0x
CChange the screen crop
AChange the aspect ratio of the video
H/GIncrease or decrease the subtitle delay
K/JIncrease or decrease the audio delay
ZAdjust the zoom mode
Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4 Play the recent media
TShow the time
Ctrl + TGo to time
EView the video frame by frame
Ctrl + POpen interface settings
Ctrl + EEdit audio/video effects
Ctrl + BEdit the bookmark
Ctrl + MOpen messages
Ctrl + NOpen network stream
Ctrl + COpen capture device
Ctrl + LOpen playlist
Ctrl + Y Save the playlist
Ctrl + IView the media information
DEnable/disable deinterlace
NPlay the next video saved on the playlist
PPlay the previous video saved on the playlist
F1View the help options
F11View the video in full screen
Ctrl + WClose the VLC media player

Use these shortcuts while playing audio/video on the VLC media player. Use the comments section to mention the shortcut that we missed in this article.

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