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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Employees Are Being Productive




It’s important that employees are productive at work, but with many distractions around them, it can be difficult to make sure they’re doing their best. Here are 4 ways you can make sure your employee is being productive.

Monitor their activity

Knowing what your employees are doing at all times can help you monitor employee activity. Monitor who they are emailing, what websites they visit, and where they are on your network at any given time. If there is an employee that you suspect might be up to no good or doing something against company policy, monitoring their activity will allow you to investigate them fully.

Monitoring employee activity helps make sure employees are finishing the work assigned to them in a timely fashion so that nothing slips through the cracks. It also makes it easier for managers to give employee performance reviews because then managers have actual data about how well each employee has performed during the review period instead of just anecdotal evidence based on individual assumptions about certain employees’ productivity levels. 
Of course, you cannot do this on your own, and hiring a team just for this cause does not really pay off. In order to make things simpler, try monitoring employees through software that will give you feedback and tell you exactly which employees work hard, and who is messing around the office. It’s the best and cheapest way to ensure your workers will not waste any time while they are at their posts.

Reward them for working hard

Ensuring your employees that hard work pays off can be very beneficial for your employee-employer relationship. When employees are rewarded, they feel more valued and appreciated which makes them happy to work harder. Rewarding an employee that has done well with a simple thank you is enough of a reward in itself that will make the worker even happier to put forth effort into their next task!

A great way to ensure productivity from your employees is by rewarding hard-working behavior. If one employee was struggling with continuously coming up with creative ideas or innovative ways to improve something within the company, then recognizing this good behavior can be extremely important as it will encourage other workers around him/her at work too! Showing appreciation towards excellent performance helps boost morale throughout the office while also encouraging others who see how much attention receiving praise can have a positive impact on their own work ethic.

Taking employee recognition to the next level is another way you can reward hard-working behavior from your employees. Sometimes an employee may do something really well, but it’s not necessarily enough for them to earn a promotion or raise if it only occurs every few months. Instead of waiting until the employee has done something to deserve a promotion or raise, it can be helpful to reward them with incentives for good performance all the time.

Here’s a list of things you could reward your employees with:

  • An employee of the month award
  • raise and promotion for excellent work
  • extra vacation day or personal day to spend time with family
  • employee recognition award for all employees within a department
  • gifts
  • better equipment

Make sure your office culture is friendly

Your office culture must be friendly. If your employees are having fun at the office, they will be more productive and stay for longer. If they enjoy working in their team or with certain people, then there is a good chance that these feelings of satisfaction will make them happy to come to work each morning. 

This could also lead to an increase in employee retention rates as well as employee morale which may mean less employee turnover due to unhappy workers who want out and leave the company immediately. A friendly environment can even help you attract new talent because it’s important that would-be hires feel like they fit into this culture before joining up with your business. The friendlier the better!

Communicate with them regularly to make sure they are on the same page

You need to communicate with them regularly so you can make sure that they are happy and satisfied in their position, as well as making sure that everything is running smoothly. For that, you can go with the best hosted phone system to improve productivity. You and your teams can access crystal-clear voice and all their tools on any desktop or mobile device with a host of advanced call-handling features to boost productivity and efficiency. If you don’t talk or meet together frequently then there will be miscommunications which could lead to problems for both of you. 

When employees feel like management cares about them, they tend to work harder because it makes them want to give more effort into what they do at work each day. Ask them if they’re satisfied and if they need anything else to work better. Make them feel like they are a part of a family and that their bosses appreciate what they do.


Your employees are very valuable and you could not function without them. Looking into how they behave during work hours by monitoring them is a great way to ensure they are doing their jobs. Create a happy atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and appreciated because their bosses communicate with them, and reward them when they are working hard. Your company will grow rapidly after this!

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