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What technologies used during the work of a real live casino?



Real live casino

You probably already know in general terms how real live online casinos work – studio, cameras, live broadcasts, you can communicate with dealers via chat. But in this article, we will dig a little deeper and tell you in more detail how everything works in a real live online casino.

Game control

If you pay attention, the dealers themselves do not click on any buttons to mark which bets won or lost. There are no chips on the dealer’s table. They are only on your screen, and all financial transactions are carried out automatically. This is the responsibility of the game control unit, which is called the brain of real live casino games.

Please note that a scanner is built into each card table. It is usually located right in front of the shoe (the box from which the dealer gets the cards). Therefore, all cards are scanned before being dealt with. The system then recognizes to which player this card was dealt with. If we talk about roulette, then instead of scanners there are sensors that determine which sector the ball fell into.

Due to the control unit, all information about the results of the round, rates, and winners is processed, and the players are automatically credited with money they’ve won. The game control unit is small – the size of a shoebox, but without it will be impossible to play in a live casino.

Optical character recognition

When a dealer deals cards or spins a roulette wheel, you see the results not only on video but also on your screen. In order for you to see information about the draws on your screen, an optical character recognition system is used. It reads the cards or where the roulette ball fell and displays them on the screen.

Real live casino

The same technology is used in various fields. For example, some use it to read license plates, others use technology to convert printed documents to digital. You no longer have to retype the text; you just need to scan it. The program then recognizes and translates the text into an editable format.

How does the dealer keep track of bets and chat?

Unlike land-based casinos, here dealers cannot see in front of them those who are playing at their tables. However, they can observe this through their monitor. On this monitor, they see that they are dealing cards not to the empty spaces, but to specific players. Therefore, when a new player appears, the dealer usually starts with a greeting. Chat is displayed on the same monitor, and if a player contacts dealer, they can read the message.

Can live casinos cheat?

As usual, there are players who suspect that they are being cheated. However, there was no serious case with evidence and not just accusations. Like traditional games, live casino games are audited and certified. Magnets under the table or some other dirty tricks are not serious. Licensed developers do not do this.

Consider also that this is not a casino that is hiring and paying dealers. Dealers work for a developer like Evolution Gaming. The casino simply pays the developer for the services offered and cannot influence the game. The principle is the same as with regular online casino games. Software vendors are licensed, must comply with certain standards and regulations, and undergo regular audits.

Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader among live casino developers. They have numerous licenses and certificates that prove fair play. They have been approved in Alderney, Malta, UK, Belgium, Romania, Italy, and other jurisdictions. It speaks of the reliability of the developers and the fairness of the game.

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