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What You Need to Learn About a Franking Machine and How It Is Used



Franking Machine

The postage industry has improved a lot over the century and most of the changes are brought about by demands for faster and more accurate service. Many software and technologies have been introduced to make the jobs of postal offices easier and more streamlined. 

One of the most revolutionary additions to the postage industry is franking machines. It’s basically equipment that no postal office shouldn’t be without. If you are running a postal service, then a franking machine is definitely something that you should invest in as there are just so many merits you can get from it.

Before we talk about the benefits of franking machines and their benefits, let’s first talk about what these machines are in the first place.

What Is a Franking Machine and How Is It Used?

Also called a Postage Meter, a franking machine is a special machine that helps you print a barcode on a letter or a parcel. This replaces the traditional stamp that we have all grown accustomed to. It may seem like a simple change but its implications are many.

The machine works by printing the postage or the barcode into the envelopes. It can also be used on postcards and other labels that are present on the letter or package to be processed. This process is called franking, and packages that undergo this are “franked.”

This machine can basically download and store postage funds. According to postal gurus from FP, a franking machine can also guide the user and help them pick mail classes or special services. As you can see, it’s something that benefits both the postal office and the people who use the postal office.

As an added bonus, these machines are also capable of measuring letters and parcels. This allows the machine to post the correct postage amount depending on the rates by the Royal Mail. In that light, it’s also worth noting that mails and parcels that are franked are cheaper than those with stamps.

The benefits of a franking machine are more important now more than ever. The postal service industry has been struggling worldwide because of the pandemic. It’s solutions like these that take a burden off of the shoulders of the people that deliver our mail and parcels.

Now, let’s dive deeper into what the benefit of using a franking machine for a business is.

Benefits of a Franking Machine

Post stamps have become more of a luxury rather than a necessity. These are actually quite expensive to produce. It’s to a point that some post stamps are actually very valuable. For business owners, the excess cost of using post stamps is no longer practical. 

Considering that more people are having letters and parcels delivered more, finding affordable and better options is a must.

Franking Machine

To begin with, you can get the cheapest postage prices with a Mailmark tariff if you get your mail franked. It also helps you avoid those heavy Royal Mail surcharges. For business owners and postal companies, the need to eliminate these fees is necessary.

By doing away with these fees, postal services are able to deliver mails and parcels at a lower cost. This means more profit for them and of course, lesser expenses for the senders as well. At a time when people prefer to have things delivered, alleviating heavy fees is something we can stand to gain from.

If you are a seller of goods, a good way a franking machine benefits you is that it saves you those tiring trips to and from the postal office. Simply put, a franking machine serves as a mini postal office in your home already. Having the goods you delivered franked at home means they can be delivered to your clients via courier services instead.

Another upside for business owners is that franking machines allow you to easily put your brand or company logo on the parcels you have delivered. The possibilities of what you can frank on the items are near limitless so feel free to stamp in whatever you want.

Last but not the least, unlike stamps, franks cannot be removed unless you snip out the part where it is printed on. This provides a great form of security that you can’t get in your traditional stamp.

Franking machines are definitely worth investing in whether you own a postal service or if you’re running a retail business. It’s a practical approach to having letters and parcels delivered too. It may be another purchase on your end but the investment will return to you eventually.

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