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How A Beginner Artist Can Boost Spotify Followers And Streams




The music industry has changed in recent years. Spotify has risen in popularity and with it a new type of artist-fan relationship. Gone are the days when artists would have to push their music through agents or middlemen just to be heard. 

Now musicians can put out their own music on Spotify and connect with fans directly. This new relationship is much more organic-artists can share new songs straight to their fans, messages from their daily lives, or behind the scenes in-studio sessions.

Are you an artist looking to expand your audience? Don’t miss out on these simple tips for increasing your following and gaining more streams on Spotify.

How do I get more followers on Spotify?

Getting more followers on Spotify is not an easy task, it will take work, persistence, and discipline. The key to success with this is consistency. 

Follow these steps:

– Share your Spotify URL with all of your friends and family – the more people that know about your account, the better!

– Ask your friends to follow you – in exchange for following them back, they are much more likely to follow you as well.

– Make a playlist that reflects who you are as an artist – usually including 3 songs or so from each of your albums. This gives users insight into who you are as an artist and what you are about.

– Request songs from your fans! Ask them to make a playlist and include you, share the link with their followers, etc. This is a great way to get some plays and gain more exposure for yourself.

– Keep up with sharing your music on Spotify – don’t let it fall by the wayside when all of your hard work pays off.

Why should I pay for followers on Spotify?

Some people think that it’s not worth paying for followers and streams because they can be unauthentic – the boost is only temporary. But if used correctly, this strategy can help you gain a strong following and give your music a proper push in the right direction. When you use a customized Spotify Marketing service to grow your followers, you get a team of experts working on your behalf to gain exposure for you and your music. This will guarantee that you are front of the line when it comes to exposure and promotion.

There are several reasons why paying for followers on Spotify can be worth your time and money:

1. Easier to get discovered & reach your fans: Streaming services like Spotify have a ranking system called “Discover.” The higher you rank in Discover, the more likely you are to be heard by others who use the streaming service. It’s much easier to get ranked with paid followers!

2. Paid subscribers will listen to your music: When you purchase a follower or stream, the person who pays for those things is usually looking for more followers and streams. They will likely listen to your music, check out other tracks you have, and share your music with their friends.

3. Paid subscribers can help increase your rank: Your paid subscribers can also help you in two ways – they contribute new followers in the form of organic growth, and they boost your track ranks by voting.

4. Paid subscribers are not factory accounts: Even though you are paying for these people’s followers and streams, they are personally invested in your music – unlike an automated account that simply paid for a track or subscription because they have to listen to it within 24 hours.

How do I get more streams on Spotify?

If you’re looking to increase your streaming numbers and have a larger audience reach, there are some hacks you should try. First, create a Spotify public profile and make sure it’s up to date with pictures of you, biographical information about yourself, any interesting info about your music, and links to your social media. This helps people to find you online and get a better introduction to what you’re about!

To get more streams try also adding Spotify widgets to your website, or stick them on the side of social media profiles. This will help people find you when they’re browsing online and encourage them to stream and buy your music!

Boost Spotify Followers and Streams

The keys to success for any artist are the same – consistency and patience. There’s no need to feel discouraged if you’re just getting started out. You’ll need a little bit of time, but when you start to see results, you’ll know that it was all worth it. This article gave you some ideas for how to increase Spotify followers and streams for beginners. Give it a try and see what happens!

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