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Finding New Trends On Tiktok. How Difficult It is?



New Trends On Tiktok

Tiktok thrives on trending content in the digital space. Unlike other social media platforms that heavily rely on engagement, Tiktok attracts followers based on trends. This may vary from dances, humor, fashion, culture, and other trendy topics.

Generally, trends are creative formats and behaviors that get a lot of attention on Tiktok. As such, brands leverage trends to improve their relevance on social media apps. Creating a viral trend is the easiest strategy to promote your brand.

Some of the factors that contribute to the success of Tiktok trends include sharing relevant and useful content with the target audience. The more valuable and interesting content you share, the higher the chances of going viral.

For example,  if you are just starting with Tiktok and wondering how to get more views, then the easiest strategy is jumping on trends. TikTok’s algorithm rewards videos with trending effects, hashtags, or sounds. Such videos are likely to generate more views since they are not only easy to find through the Discover tab but also more likely to be shown to people who enjoy that trend.

Tiktok comes with an array of opportunities you can explore to not only widen the scope of the audience but also increase brand awareness. You can use user-generated content to grow your audience and build a strong brand portfolio.

While jumping into the new trends on Tiktok is a perfect idea, the main challenge among content creators is identifying popular and relevant trends. In this article, we explore ways you can discover the new trend on Tiktok.

1. Follow Certain Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms, you can follow certain hashtags that relate to your niche. This will make it easy for you to identify trends that are in line with your business objectives. Besides following popular hashtags, you can also visit Tiktok’s trends page to stay informed about the latest trends.

New Trends On Tiktok

2. Check Out The Music

Tiktok is designed for music. As such, trends offer an array of opportunities for users to create their own interpretations.

While individual users can integrate music into their videos without concern, brands must adhere to copyright laws to avoid getting into trouble with artists.

3. Check Out Events Happening in The World

Tiktok content creators are always quick to align their content strategy with events happening around the world. For example, during covid 19, so many content creators shared videos sensitizing people on the importance of handwashing and keeping social distance along with other measures meant to discourage the spread of the pandemic.

While exploring current events may not work for every brand, it attracts public attention if executed properly. In some cases, you can combine humor and unique Tiktok features to tell stories or highlight certain aspects of situations in society.

4. Follow Tiktok Influencers

Another easy strategy you can use to identify Tiktok Trends is by following Tiktok influencers. However, it is important to note that not all Tiktok influencers are relevant. You should only follow  Tiktok influencers in your niche. That way, you not only stand a chance to identify what’s trending but also keep track of their content.

When you partner with the right influencers, you increase your chances of staying ahead of the game in your niche and improve the potential of reaching out to more people. Generally, Tiktok influencers have a strong portfolio on the video-sharing app.

Based on the huge number of followers that Tiktok influencers control,  they easily create new trends on the platform. A large number of followers they command plays a critical role in the influence they have on the social media app.

You should therefore keep track of what Tiktok influencers are doing to get an insight into what you can implement. If done correctly, you improve the potential of going viral and attracting many views and followers. In the long run, you stand a chance to build a strong brand portfolio and improve conversions.

Tiktok trends matter because they increase the relevance of brands on the platform. Therefore if you are yet to start marketing on Tiktok, it is high time you consider trying it out.

5. Checkout The Lifecycle Of Trends

Checking out the lifecycle of trends makes it easy for you to ascertain relevant trends that you can use to promote your brand. While some trends can easily go viral and attract tons of followers, they have a shorter lifespan. As such, it is important to follow up on the lifecycle of trending content to ascertain which best suits your brand.

The longer the lifecycle of a trend, the higher the chances of unlocking more opportunities for your brand. In that regard, as much as you may be interested in jumping into a certain Tiktok trend, understanding the life cycle is important for your growth strategy.

6. Use The Discover Tab

If you are stuck on identifying trending content on Tiktok, then the Discover tab is an ideal option. The feature not only lets you identify the most popular songs on the Tiktok app but also trending hashtags.

The personalized experience lets users find content posted by people they are connected with. The Discover tab is beneficial for seeing a wide range of trends on the Tiktok app. Before Tiktoks discover tag was introduced, people used official trending hashtags to appear on the Tiktok Discover tab.

Similar to Instagram’s Explore page, the Discover feature on Tiktok entails a compilation of content that is gaining momentum on the platform. This includes effects, trends, and sounds. For a better user experience, Tiktok has now introduced the Friends tab.

Unlike the Discover tab, which shows broader trending content on the app, the Friends tab shows videos posted by your connections. The feature has now expanded to capture even more users that may not be reached through the Discover tab.

Therefore if you are struggling to identify trending videos on content, you can leverage the Discover tab to identify not only trending hashtags but also trending videos. That way, you will be able to adopt the trend and integrate it into your Tiktok content strategy. Remember, the more strategic you are with your  Tiktok content, the better results you are likely to get from Tiktok promotion.


Tiktok provides a powerful marketing platform for entrepreneurs. Aside from improving brand visibility, you can leverage TikTok features to promote your products and generate sales. Ranked among the most popular social media channels in the world, the importance of Tiktok in marketing can not be underscored.

With a large number of users spread globally, you can easily reach a larger market if you focus on Tiktok growth. For brands struggling to expand the scope of their audience and generate more sales, jumping on trends is a perfect way of reaching out to more customers.

A single viral campaign can easily translate into thousands of new followers and views. That way, you not only stand a chance to build a strong brand portfolio but also create brand awareness. In that regard, if you are stuck on how to identify new trends that you can leverage to promote your brand, this article provides important insights that you can try out.

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