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How to Find a Game Animation Outsourcing Company?



How to Find a Game Animation Outsourcing Company

In the development of video game programming and design, many jobs need to be done. One job that people in the industry often get is animation, which is drawing 2D and 3D images to create a moving picture using different forms of motion. Animation companies typically offer outsourcing services for game developers, but it can be difficult to find one who meets high-quality standards and provides lower prices than what would typically be expected. In this article, we shall describe how to find a game animation outsourcing company on the Internet that meets our quality standards.

1. Search for animation companies on the Internet

To find an animation company, we must first search the Internet. Many websites display lists of animation companies, but to pick a qualified one, we need to browse through the Internet and collect useful information. For example, some popular search engines include Baidu, Google, and Yahoo! We can search for “game animation outsourcing” on these search engines. When we search these sites, there will be a list of game animation outsourcing companies listed at the top.

2. Compare outsourcing companies based on the results

We can also use search engines to compare all the information about the game animation outsourcing companies, such as business type, location, other products, and pricing. To do this, we just need to click the “Compare” button on each search engine. We can then compare their types of business (such as outsourcing), their location information (such as location in China), and other products that they offer with standard methods of searching for similar products. These search engines are usually free of charge.

3. Consultation with game developers

Another important thing to do is to consult with a game developer (such as a Chinese game developer) in person. To find a game animation outsourcing company, we can ask for advice from the game developers about which companies are good and which companies will work well together. We can also consult with the game development companies directly on their website or over the phone. An example of a game development company is Netease.

4. Price comparison of outsourcing companies

The prices for making a video game are often high, and because of this, we must compare prices carefully before agreeing with an outsourcing company. The important point is to compare prices with other outsourcing companies that provide the same type of service. For example, we can compare different types of animation services and then choose the one with the lowest price.

5. Screening animation outsourcing companies

To gain more information about game animation outsourcing companies, we can also ask our game developers to recommend some good ones and discuss prices with them over the phone or in person. As a last resort, we can also go to their office and conduct a trial of other products and services there. This can also be a good way to compare different products with the same service. Ask about their experience with outsourcing services and find out whether they are good at it.

6. Agreeing with a game animation outsourcing company

After comparing the information and conducting trials, we can agree with a game animation outsourcing company. To do this, we need to read all the information that the company provides, decide whether it is worth signing an agreement, and finally make an agreement. Some examples of useful information are described in this section.

7. Purchase contracts with animation outsourcing companies

After comparing prices and consulting the game developer, we can then make a purchase agreement directly with an animation company. It is important to choose a contract that specifies all of the details to get a good deal and avoid future problems, such as insufficient time or misunderstandings about agreements.

8. Signing an agreement with a game animation outsourcing company

After going through all these steps, we can finally sign an agreement with a game animation outsourcing company. During this process, we need to make sure that the information is accurate and that the service is what we expected. This can be done by referring to their website and calling the company to discuss any differences between the information on their website and what they provide in person.

Why should you hire an outsourcing company?

There are many reasons why we should consider outsourcing animation for our video game.

1. Affordable

First, the price is cheaper compared to using in-house animation resources. Many companies are finding it cost-prohibitive to employ large staffs of 2D and 3D animators, so they outsource this work to save money. Second, the quality of animated clips available through an outsourcing company is typically equal to or better than what in-house animators can produce.

2. Accessibility

Another reason for outsourcing animation for your video game is that it enables you to get access to many types of talent that are located around the world.

3. Flexibility

Finally, you can purchase animation from a flexible outsourcing company. Most animation studios specialize in certain types of work, such as 2D or 3D, or different forms of art, such as Flash or Macromedia Flash. By purchasing work from a variety of suppliers, you can ensure that your game has the best-looking animation possible.

Despite the advantages of outsourcing your animation, be sure to make sure that you work with a company that can provide the type of services that you require. As mentioned previously, many companies provide many different types of animation, such as 2D characters and 3D environments. Therefore, it is important that you choose an outsourcing company that provides the type of animation you are looking for.


The video game industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, and many animated video games have been released. The animation in these video games can be created by an outsourcing company. Outsourcing companies are becoming more common, and there is a wide range of outsourcing companies that produce a variety of services. Because they are becoming increasingly common, it is important to consider several factors when selecting an outsourcing company to create animated works for your video game. Such factors include price, quality, location, and experience.

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