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How to Get Paramount Plus on PS5



Paramount Plus on PS5

Paramount Plus is a streaming service is a subscription-based service that streams exclusive original TV shows, live sports, and movies. It also streams shows from other channels. This is an on-demand service that has a diverse collection of new releases and blockbuster movies. It streams the contents in 4k quality. You can stream Paramount+ contents on three devices simultaneously. Subscribed users can download the shows and movies to watch offline and enjoy ad-free streaming. Paramount Plus is compatible with the PlayStation Platform. Let us go through the steps to get Paramount Plus on PS5.

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus

1) Go to the Paramount Plus website ( using any web browser.

2) Click on the Try Paramount+ option and select Try It Free.

go to the official website

3) Now, choose a subscription plan that you prefer.

select your subscription plan

4) Then, select Continue.

5) Provide your account credentials and click Continue.

enter the account details

6) Enter your Payment details and select Start Paramount+.

How to Install Paramount Plus on PS5

Quick Guide: On PS5 device, click Media tab > select All Apps > Search for Paramount Plus > Click Install > Click Open to launch.

1) Set up your PlayStation device and go to the Media tab.

select Media tab from the home

2) Select the All Apps option to enter the PlayStation Store.

3) Search for the Paramount Plus app using the on-screen keyboard.

4) Select the app from the result and click Install to get the app.

5) After installation, click Open to launch the app.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on PlayStation 5

1) Launch the Paramount Plus app on PS5

2) Select Sign in. You will receive an activation code on your device.

3) Go to the Paramount Plus activation site [} using any web browser.

4) Enter the code and click Activate.

enter the code and click activate

5) Once activated, you can start streaming Paramount Plus on your PlayStation device.

How to Stream Paramount Plus on PS5 via Screen Mirroring

The steps to perform Screen Mirror the app from Smartphones to PS5 are as follows

1) On your smartphone, install the Paramount Plus app and the Screen Mirroring app.

2) Now login to the Paramount Plus app on your phone. Connect the phone device and PS5 to the same Wi-Fi network.

3)Connect the Speaker to the PlayStation5.

4)In the PlayStation controller, select the PS button.

Select PS button in PlayStation controller.

5) Now, go to Game Base and select Options in PS5.

Go to Game Base  and select options.

6) Then, select a friend under Go to Game Base on your PlayStation5.

7) Send the official Google website link to your friend on PlayStation5.

8) Open the chat box, and click on the google link that you have sent to your friend.

9) It navigates to the Google home page. Now browse the link on pS5. It displays the QR code on the PlayStation screen.

To Screen Mirror Paramount Plus from Smartphone to PS5 scan QR code displayed on PS5 TV screen in your Phone device.

10) On your Smartphone, open the Screen Mirroring app and scan the QR code that is displayed on the PS5 screen.

11) Select the Screen Mirroring option and select Start Broadcast.

12) Finally, it displays the Phone Screen on the PlayStation5 connected TV screen.

13) Now, open the Paramount Plus app on your Smartphone and select the contents to stream. The contents selected will be streamed on PS5 connected screen through Screen Mirroring.

Alternate Way to Get Paramount Plus on PS5

As an alternate method, you can stream Paramount Plus to PlayStation 5 using PS Remote Play.

1) Make sure to connect your smartphone and PlayStation device with a stable internet connection.

2) Install the Paramount Plus app on your smartphone.

3) Start your PS5 and click on the Settings option from the PS5 home page.

Paramount Plus on PS5

4) Now, select Remote Play under System Settings and Enable Remote Play.

Paramount Plus on PS5

5) Proceed back to the System Settings option and select the Power Saving option on the left panel.

Paramount Plus on PS5

6) Select Features Available in Rest Mode and turn it on.

Paramount Plus on PS5

7) Then, checkmark the boxes near Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network.

Best Alternatives for Paramount Plus

Here are some of the best alternatives for Paramount Plus on PS5


Is Paramount Plus on PS5?

Yes, Paramount Plus is available on PlayStation 5.

Why is Paramount Plus not working on PlayStation 5?

Connect your console with a proper internet connection and try again.

Can you stream Paramount Plus on PS4?

Yes, you can stream Paramount Plus on PlayStation 4.

Can you download Paramount Plus on PS5?

You can download Paramount Plus from the PlayStation Store.

Is Paramount+ free?

It is a Subscription-based service. However, it offers a 7-day trial pack for free.

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