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How to Make a Video Interview



Make Video Interview

Do you want to inform the public about the opening of a new business? Do you need to convey information within your company? The production of a video interview, therefore, represents an excellent investment to take into consideration. 

This type of video is very flexible and can be used for internal information purposes, with partners or customers, and for communication strategies designed for a specific target. The video interviews can be uploaded to the company website, YouTube, and social pages. This post will share the process and tips to make a video interview.

Video interview process

The purpose of a video interview is to inform the public about company policy and new services or products. For this reason, it is very important that the product has a professional appearance and that it is cared for down to the smallest detail.

The video interview can be carried out in different ways that must be agreed with the client, based on the number of interviewees. In any case, the process of making this video consists of the following phases:

  • Pre-production: preparation of the questions, choice of location and style of the interview;
  • Production: filming phase on the set;
  • Post-production: editing, sound editing, color grading;
  • Distribution: launch of the video online or on TV.

Define the goal

A video interview always has an informative purpose. Still, depending on the customer’s needs, it can be addressed to make the services known to potential customers, gather new investors, strengthen brand awareness, or train.

Study the target audience and the market

It is very important to understand who we are talking to. The reason why it will be necessary to study the target audience: whether it is a general public interested in company services or new employees.

Define the main message

During an interview, you can touch on many points, but it is always better to be clear about the primary focus: sponsoring a bar that has just opened or surpassing one’s competitors.

Develop the interview approach

Depending on the type of message to be conveyed, the interview can be carried out as a face-to-face with a fixed shot and possible cuts and close-ups if the interviewees are more than one.

Interview questions

Before going to the set, it is important to decide with the client the questions that will be asked.  For example, how many staffs are there in your company? How does your company offer a solution to some specific problems? An infographic video will be a great fit to show the data. You can add visual animations with informational texts to your video interview.

Video shoot

As with any other video, an interview also needs to be carried out with professional equipment (camera, lighting, microphones for direct recording) by experts in the sector. At this stage, it is very important to bring home high-quality material without exceeding the agreed deadlines.

Video editing 

After having shot quality material, we proceed with the editing to best enhance the interview’s contents, as agreed with the client and give a more narrative aspect to the video.

Color grading 

Based on the type of message you want to launch, the shot is also corrected from the point of view of color through a vital step called color correction and color grading.

Sound mix and design

In addition to the color, it will be necessary to edit the sound as well as possible. Make sure everything is mixed in the right way and coordinated with the editing of the shot.


Once finished, the interview is delivered to the client for further review. After that, it is possible to proceed with an online publication or broadcast on television stations.

4 advantages of making a video interview

You will therefore have understood that producing a video interview is worthwhile on several fronts. Indeed, an interview is immediate, but it also offers an “inside” perspective. And it allows a wide range of messages to be conveyed in the best possible way. Here are 4 important benefits of a video interview:

#1 By showing people’s faces, it focuses on empathy to convey information.

#2 It guarantees great visibility because it can be posted anywhere online and on TV.

#3 It’s a great way to build brand awareness for the firm.

#4 It can let you know about services or products that are available for a limited time.

How much does a video interview cost

Using resources to create a video interview for your brand must be considered to the growth of the brand itself. This is why it is advisable to become a video maker or to turn to professional people. This is because, like any other corporate video, the interview represents the image of the company. The final “price” depends a lot on the type of work requested by the customer. 


As you will have understood, making a video interview is a really useful resource for any company. Your aim is to create customized content for your company, all with attention to the smallest details but above all capable of informing, entertaining, and even thrilling.

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