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How to Repost on Instagram? Two working Methods [2021]



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Lots of social networking apps in recent times have built-in support for the repost. Instagram is an exception among the list. Therefore, any of its users need to do some additional steps to repost on Instagram. Most often, Instagram is used to share photos and videos with the community while sharing the text message is secondary. Although it has many advanced features, Instagram doesn’t support reposting photos or videos of others. In other words, Instagram doesn’t support reposting feature officially.

However, reposting is used for a while now by lots of Instagram users as well as brands. With the absence of the Share button on Instagram, any of its users cannot repost the photos and videos from outside the app. However, if you seriously look for ways to repost on Instagram, then it is possible. You may follow this article for possible ways in which you can repost posts on the app.

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Things To Do Before You Repost

Officially Instagram lacks repost support and if you are doing it manually, then certain things you must do. They are as follows

  • It is indeed vital to get permission from the original author of the photo or the video you are about to repost.
  • So click on the paper arrow-like icon present at the bottom the post to send a direct message and ask permission.
  • As reposting is known as showing gratitude or appreciation, it is better not to edit the original post while you repost on Instagram.
  • Tag the author on your repost and give credit with simple yet appealing words. For instance, use Thank you @ followed by the profile name of the original author.

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How to Repost on Instagram?

Choose a repost app like Repost for Instagram on your Android or iOS to repost or share content from any Instagram account. Follow the steps to repost on Instagram using Repost App.

Note: You can choose any other Android or iOS app that supports re-posting photos or videos from Instagram from the respective app stores. For example, you can download Reposta, Insta Repost, Regrann Pro, and more.

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How to Repost on Instagram using a Repost App

#1. Download and install Repost for the Instagram app on your Android device from Google Play Store and iOS device from App Store.

How to Repost on Instagram?

#2. Secondly, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and search for a photo or video you want to repost.

Note: Make sure to open the original post from the photo gallery to view it in original resolution.

#3. Just tap on the three horizontal dots icon from the top-right corner of the post to select the Copy Link option.

How to Repost on Instagram?

#4. The URL of the post will be automatically copied to the clipboard. After that, open the Repost app on your phone.

Click on the link

#5. The home screen shows the post you have chosen to repost on Instagram. Just tap on the arrow on the right side of the post and proceed further.

#6. Use the edit options shown on the Repost for the Instagram app and make changes to the post.

Click Repost

#7. Click on the Repost button and then tap on the Copy to Instagram option to use filter options.

How to Repost on Instagram?

#8. Tap on the caption field and press and hold the screen to choose the Paste option. With this, the original caption with a citation that credits the original poster will appear on the reposted photo.

#9. Now, click on the Share option finally to repost on Instagram. You will find the citation of the original author of the post with their profile name.

Click Share

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How to Repost on Instagram? – Alternative

If you don’t have enough space on your device, then these methods work for you. However, you can repost only for the photos and it doesn’t support re-posting the videos. To know more, follow the guidelines given below.

Note: In addition to re-posting photos, you capture a screenshot and share it as your story.

#1. You must initially open the Instagram app on your phone.

#2. Choose a photo on Instagram that you wanted to repost on Instagram.

#3. Take a screenshot of the photo you want to repost on your smartphone.

Note: On your Android phone, press the power and volume buttons simultaneously. If you are an iOS user, then press down the home and lock buttons together to capture it.

#4. On the Instagram app, click on the new post button from the bottom. Just edit the screenshot to repost on the app. For example, you can resize it, add a filter, and anything more to improve the photo.

#5. As this means of reposting doesn’t include a citation, you can use @ symbol followed by the original author of the photo.

#6. Just click on the Share button and the post will finally appear on your Instagram profile.

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To Sum Up

Now, you have learned how to repost on Instagram with the simple to follow procedure given in this article. Make sure you have received permission from the original author just before you repost any post on Instagram. Because it will save you from unnecessary copyright violation issues at any time later. On the other hand, keep trying to enhance your growth on Instagram to stay on the top. It’s not easy though, often growth tools help a lot to increase engagement. Again, choosing an appropriate tool is a challenge. So users need to be very careful while looking for tools. Reading the reviews may help to develop their understanding of any tool. For example, if you read the review of Path Social by The Small Business Blog you may get a brief idea about the tool.

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